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Mike Lowell on the DL, Time to Panic?

On Tuesday, Mike Lowell was put on the 15-day DL

Mike Lowell went ahead with the Synvisc shot on Monday in order to help alleviate the pain in his hip, a leftover side effect from the surgery he had last October.  Although the procedure went well, and doctors additionally removed 15 cc’s of fluid from the area, it’s still unclear whether that may be enough.

Lowell was placed on the 15-day disabled list yesterday, according to the Boston Herald.  Although Lowell said he was feeling well enough to play a few games, Terry Francona felt it was best to put Lowell on the DL, to try and guarantee that this time when he comes back, he’ll be feeling 100%.

At this point, I really can’t be sure how much of this is just Francona and Lowell being “extra careful,” or if they’re trying to mask the seriousness of the situation. I understand that Lowell went through hip surgery and it takes a long time to fully recover from any operation, but this is professional baseball.  If you’re not playing up to expectations (or up to your salary, in some cases), the outlook is bleak.

So it may be panic time…well, for those of us who are Mike Lowell fans.  There’s no doubt that the team could survive without him – there are options by switching Kevin Youkilis from first base to third and using Jeff Bailey, who was just called up from the minors yesterday – but it’s not an ideal situation.

Hopefully I’m just gearing myself up for the worst, and that there is nothing to actually be concerned about.  If Lowell comes back after the All-Star break and starts playing consistently and without signs of struggle, then maybe all this worry will be for nothing, which would be the best-case scenario.  Francona seems to expect that all will be well-and-good once Lowell returns from his stint on the DL, and he’ll be able to finish the second half of the season feeling great and playing just as well.

However, I will not be able to relax until after Mike Lowell comes back and starts putting up the numbers I know he’s capable of.  I know he’ll tough it out the rest of the season no matter what happens – he proved he had the stamina after playing through his injury last season – but I would like to see him remain on the Red Sox for as long as possible without an annoying hip injury as the reason for him to be traded (or in other words, gotten rid of) sooner.

Perhaps I’m just biased, because Lowell is my favorite player.  Or perhaps I’m just paranoid.  But, either way, I’m concerned.  I want to see Mike Lowell finally rid of this nuisance hip problem and back to normal. So, until after the All-Star break, my fingers are crossed.

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  2. It’s always time to panic! The question is, are we panicking ENOUGH?

    Posted by Buchholz Surfer | July 2, 2009, 12:57 pm
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