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Rasheed Wallace Headed to the Celtics?

Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett

(Update: Rasheed Wallace has joined the Celtics)

“These teams are muck!”

I can see it now, NBA franchises complaining all over the league if Rasheed Wallace agrees to a deal with the Celtics. It would just be unfair. When you consider Wallace even taking a sixth man type role, the Celtics are considerably stronger than the 2008 team that won the championship.

“Can there be a veto to this deal!?”

Maybe it’s not so unfair. With Shaq going to Cleveland and Vince Carter going to Orlando, the Celtics are looking to stack up too. The Eastern Conference is becoming a war zone and there will be pandemonium if Wallace becomes a Celtic.

The only concern is whether or not Wallace will be distraction, given his intensity and failures in conflict resolution class. Talent-wise, he is one of the best in the league and he has been for some time. He is 6’11 and can shoot it from behind the arc. With Paul Peirce, Ray Allen, and Wallace on the floor at the same time, teams will have nightmares thinking of ways to defend the three. And with Garnett in the post, it will be scary. Will we have to change the “Big Three” to the “Big Four?”

Garnett and Wallace are reported to have a solid relationship, and in that respect, the Celtics veteran locker room won’t tolerate any performance-damaging disruptions. Garnett is a leader that can rally his team. Remember those worries about Stephon Marbury last season that never materialized? Of course we said they were misplaced the day Marbury was traded

One of Ainge’s first calls when free agency opened yesterday was to Wallace’s agent. His agent, Bill Strickland, responded positively, saying “The interest is mutual.”

If Wallace does sign, it won’t be for long, probably just a year or two. Even so, it shows he is intent on winning a championship. That drive alone should eliminate any worry. The rumored offer on the table treats Wallace as a mid-level exception with a $5.8 million two-year deal.

The Celtics want to make sure they win a championship next year. If they sign Wallace it will be a clear indication that they are going for the gold and stopping at the nothing to get it.

How much for a Celtics Rasheed Wallace jersey?

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8 comments for “Rasheed Wallace Headed to the Celtics?”

  1. If Wallace joins the C’s you have a significant separation between some of the elite teams Boston, LA (after signing Artest), Cleveland (Shaq) and San Antonio (Jefferson) and the rest of the pack. Great signing for Ainge the Celtics.

    Posted by Alex | July 2, 2009, 11:47 pm
  2. Please sigh Rasheed! If 2 years @ 5.8 million is not enough, then ask for 3 years. With the Lakers getting Artest, the Cavs getting Shaq, and the Spurs getting Jefferson, the Celtics need to get someone too. I am really hoping this happens, so a healthy 2009-2010 Celtics team can get back to the finals and get number 18.

    Posted by Smitty | July 3, 2009, 12:15 am
  3. This would be our core lineup:

    PG Rondo (PG)
    SG R. Allen (SG,SF)
    SF Pierce (SG,SF)
    PF Garnett (PF,C)
    C Perkings (C)
    6th Wallace (PF,C)
    7th Davis (SF,PF)
    8th House (PG,SG)
    9th T. Allen (SG)

    Honestly, we would be solid up front with 4 bigs, but we are still week at the guard position. Unless T. Allen improves (highly doubtfull), Kobe and Artest are going to give us a rough time. We have to replace J. Posey, a solid veteran on the perimeter to relieve Pierce and R. Allen.

    The problem is, I’m not sure it can be done under the cap rules. Maybe we could lure Marbury back by signing Rasheed, then trade House and T. Allen for a solid guy on the wing (SG,SF). I love House, but look at the roster after that move.

    PG Rondo (PG)
    SG R. Allen (SG,SF)
    SF Pierce (SG,SF)
    PF Garnett (PF,C)
    C Perkings (C)
    6th Wallace (PF,C)
    7th Davis (SF,PF)
    8th Marbury (PG)
    9th Example*Shane Battier*(SG,SF)

    Posted by Smitty | July 3, 2009, 12:37 am
  4. why would sheed want to come off the bench, when he could start for the eastern conf. champs??? he should come win a ring with superman!!!!

    Posted by fort pierce blue | July 3, 2009, 6:40 pm
  5. Hey Fort Pierce Blue : is that guy “superman” you’re referring to the same guy who earned the LVP (least valuable player) Award in the NBA championship series? The guy who barely held his own against non superstar Kendrick Perkins? Just wanted you to clarify the situation. Are we talking about the same guy?

    Posted by Ken | July 4, 2009, 9:34 am
  6. It was reported that Ainge, Doc Rivers, Grousbeck, and the big three went to meet with Wallace to ask him to take a mid-level contract to play for the Celtics.

    Looks like they’re really trying to make it happen.

    Wallace said he’s in no rush…

    Posted by Jimmy | July 4, 2009, 4:51 pm
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