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Save Leon Powe Petition is a Little Ridiculous

The Celtics have decided to part ways with forward/center Leon Powe after not offering him a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent. General manager Danny Ainge does not necessarily want to sign Powe since he will most likely not be ready to play until mid-December. They have not completely ruled out re-signing him if no one else picks up Powe, but most likely he will not suit up in the Green this fall.

Powe became a fan favorite after the 07-08 season, when he exploded off the bench and showed what talent he truly had. It is one thing for fans to be upset about losing Powe, but some fans. The petition makes claims to how much Powe can do for the Celtics, mentions the hardships he has gone through in life, and that he does not deserve this kind of treatment. I love Leon Powe as much as the next Celtics fan, but I have to say this “Powe-tition” is completely ridiculous.

Do these fans honestly think they are going to be taken seriously? Professional sports have become a business now with the salaries that players make today. There is no way that Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics front office are going to be swayed to keep Leon Powe just because some fans signed an online petition. Sure, it is terrible to see such a good and developing player leave, but I completely understand where Ainge is headed with this move and I think the general manager of a championship team knows what he is doing. I trust Danny Ainge after he put together the 2008 champs, and I continue to trust him in this decision.

The Celtics are very interested in Rasheed Wallace and he would be a huge step up from Powe, who really can just basically stand under the basket and dunk. Wallace has championship experience, has a good mid range shot for his size, and can really be a force to be reckoned with off the bench, which is where his role will be. He is a better fit to come in for Kevin Garnett in a game and is really just better that Powe. I understand that he is older, but for the time being I feel the Celtics will be better off with Wallace than Powe.

So to the fans who sign that petition, I think you are fools. It is great that you can support a player who you do not even know so much, but you can still support him even if he is not on your team. Hey, I still root for James Posey as well any other ex-Celtic who left the team in good standing. It is not the end of the world, especially if the move improves a team and gives them a chance to raise another banner to the rafters. So, farewell Leon, if it comes to that. We love you and best of luck wherever you end up.

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  2. All I have to say is that this will be a terrible move if Leon’s roster spot is replaced by some project big man (like POB) who will play only garbage time.

    The Celtics said that Powe’s rehab was ahead of schedule and that he should return by the All Star break. I think he will still have a better shot at making an impact on this team in the playoffs than any of the guys Danny is looking at(Robert Swift, Michael Sweetney)

    People seem to forget that Powe is still young at 25, and one of the hardest working guys I have seen, and I think he will come back as strong as ever.

    This isn’t out of sympathy either. People forget that Powe was our best player off the bench, and would have been starting in the playoffs. So who cares if he cant play yet!? Does it really matter if he misses the first half of the regular season? I still think he could be a BIG help for the team in the playoffs (when it matters) at the cheapest price.

    And now we’re going after a guy who is 35 with declining skills and lack of heart and passion for the game for 2 years for the full MLE, while Leon will go on to have a great present and future for another team at a bargain price.

    Today I am ashamed to be a Celtic fan. I’ll miss you Leon!!!!

    Posted by EWilliamsFan | July 3, 2009, 3:24 pm
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