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Brady’s Back, Pedro Martinez signs with Phillies


Here’s a weekly a column taking a look at the top five sports events this past week that left us all asking the question “Did that just happen?

In no particular order…

Tim Wakefield doesn’t play in the All-Star game

…and neither does Beckett. Regardless of Joe Maddon’s intentions for their roles as pitchers, it was crappy. Especially since this might have been Wakefield’s only chance to play in an All-Star game, being the oldest player there at the ripe age of 42. But hey, anything can happen, and I’m sure President Obama appreciated the knuckleball lesson Wakefield gave him, which might have been the most Wakefield got out of the night.

WBCN, “Rock of Boston,” goes under

Or to put it in nicer words, WBCN is just going through some “changes” that include the elimination of rock music and making it an all sports station as well as a relocation to what was previously Mix 98.5. The switch was due to a drop in ratings, and there are mixed feelings about WBCN moving away from what it once used to be. All I know is that there’s going to be a lot of confused Kelly Clarkson fans listening to sports news once Mix switches over.

Josh Beckett throws a complete game shutout against the Royals

To think that following this game, Beckett didn’t get to pitch in the All-Star game either. But, he pitched a masterpiece – one in which the Royals had no response, and brought his record to 11-3. This is exactly the kind of Beckett we know and love, and makes you (almost) forget we even had Daisuke Matsuzaka in the pitching rotation.

Pedro Martinez signs with the Phillies

Though he hasn’t pitched a game all year, confirms that Martinez has signed with the Phillies for a $1-million, one-year contract. Martinez was placed on the 15-day DL to strengthen his arm, but is slated to return with the Phillies in a four-game series next Thursday. It will be interesting to see whether his time off has helped bring him back to health.

Tom Brady is back in action

After the Patriots had to make do with a quarterback who wasn’t Tom Brady, I’m sure the entire team will be looking forward to his grand return. Brady’s numbers have always been impressive and the Patriots have been nearly unstoppable with him playing. (Minus that awful time they lost the Superbowl to the Giants). Things look good for the Pats then, as long as Brady can stay focused on the game and not his new baby, due in December…

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  1. tracking back Brady’s Back, Pedro Martinez signs with Phillies… tracking back Brady’s Back, Pedro Martinez signs with Phillies…

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