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“Banknorth” No Longer, Renamed “TD Garden”

The TD Banknorth Garden

The Boston Bruins don’t skate and shoot in the TD Banknorth Garden anymore. When the Celtics take to the parquet floor to shoot hoops this season, they won’t do it under the roof of the TD Banknorth Garden. For the Boston Blazers of the National Lacrosse League, their first season playing in the TD Banknorth Garden was also their last. The Beanpot will have a new home next February and the MIAA High School Championships for basketball and hockey won’t be hosted in the TD Banknorth Garden ever again.

However, when you get tickets to see the Bruins, Celtics, or any other of the aforementioned events, be sure to still head to 100 Legends Way, the same address you’ve gone to since 1995. The building is still the same. Only the name has changed.

On June 16, 2009, the TD Banknorth Garden officially became the TD Garden, the fourth official name of the arena since it was opened in 1995. The renaming of the 19,600-seat venue is the result of a re-branding campaign by Toronto Dominion Banknorth, who contractually possess the naming rights until 2025 at a cost of $6 million per year. After a merger in April 2008 with Commerce Bancorp Inc. of New Jersey, TD Banknorth decided to change the names of their banks in the northeastern states to “TD Bank.” To accompany this move, they also decided to exercise their option with Delaware North Companies, the owners of the arena, which allowed them to change the name of the arena once under the current contract.

So, is it a name change a good thing or a bad thing?


Of those that simply call it “the Garden,” some will feel better because now they’re only dropping “TD,” instead of “TD Banknorth.” The new name is now closer to its original “Boston Garden” name, which plenty of Bostonians will appreciate. Also, barring any bankruptcies or events of that nature, the name of the arena won’t change until 2025.


First, of those that call it just “the Garden,” some will feel less rebellious as they are no longer sticking it to the corporate-man by dropping “TD Banknorth”…now they’re only dropping “TD.” Secondly, if you say “TD Garden” quickly, you might confuse someone into thinking you’re going to a bar that provides entertainment for adults, particularly males. Say it quickly to yourself and you’ll understand. Finally, the name still includes “Toronto,” as “Toronto Dominion Bank Garden” is the full-length name of the arena. The Maple Leafs and Raptors must love that.


If you arrived in Boston as a chid in 1995, like this author did, you’ll most likely still call it “the Fleet (Center)”. (This is really only a problem when people think my father is more up with the times than I am. Most people know what I’m referring to.) Also, with the New England Patriots and their Lombardi Trophies just down the highway, an Arena Football League executive with football always on his mind might see the “TouchDown Garden” and decide to bring an AFL franchise to Boston. This can be either a pro or con, depending upon how you feel about arena football.


Who cares? The parquet floors won’t change. The spoked-B will remain the same. The championship banners of both the Bruins and Celtics will still hang proudly from the rafters. As long as they win – which they have done when the arena has had “Garden” in its name – does it matter?

Inaugural TD Garden Fact

The Jonas Brothers headlined the first event ever held in the TD Garden by playing a concert on Friday, June 17. Maybe this should’ve gone under “Cons.”

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