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NFL Draft: If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It?

Apparently NFL commissioner Roger Goodell firmly believes in a new saying: “If it ain’t broke, fix it.” The “let me change everything” commissioner was at it again Thursday. Goodell announced that the NFL Draft, a sacred holiday to all die hard football fans, will be moved to prime time. What does this mean for us? The fans? Well, now the first round of the NFL Draft will be held on Thursday night, while the second and third rounds will be live on Friday night. Rounds four-seven will conclude this now three-day event on Saturday.

Now, I understand what he did here. The NFL Draft brings in an absurd amount of viewers so adding another day will only help the NFL on the business aspect of it. They will bring in more money due to more advertising and all that jazz. Plus, for the teams it gives a whole day in between the first and second round so we could see some different drafting strategies and there is sure to be more trades. That’s all fine and dandy, but this is simply terrible for the fans.

First off, how in the world are people going to travel to watch the draft live? You would basically have to take off two days of work or class and travel into New York City during mid-week traffic. Not good.

Having the draft on Saturday and Sunday meant cooking out with your friends, drinking some beer, and hanging out all day laughing at Mel Kiper and at teams like the Oakland Raiders. With this move, that will not happen. Maybe Goodell doesn’t realize but people actually have jobs, and the biggest population of fans, people aged 15-24, have class. In his statement, Goodell said that this is more “accessible to more fans.” No it isn’t you fool. You’re making it nearly impossible for people to attend the event. For the people who watch it from their own homes, you’re making it less fun; to be frank.

Now, I have to go to class for three hours, come home do my homework, study a little bit and BAM get right into draft mode? No. In all reality every college student who watches this yearly event will skip class Thursday and some crazy people will skip work. See what you did Goodell?

The funny thing about this is Saturday. People could still cook out and do all that fun stuff Saturday but then you realize it’s Rounds 4-7 and the excitement is lost. I just can’t wait for Mel Kiper to start putting projections on where he feels players will end up because I’m dying to hear this; “To me he looks like a third day prospect.”

A third day prospect…and we can thank Mr. Change, Roger Goodell. The draft was perfectly fine on the weekend; we even all warmed up to the change where it was just the first and second rounds on Saturday. But now you take away our weekend and instead expect us to be pleased with watching this during the week?

Obviously I’ll still watch every single selection, but I’ll be doing this while I’m preparing for an exam the next morning. Thank you Roger Goodell.

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  1. This is a PURE money move, obviously. Ah well, a Thursday night for the first round will have to work, I guess…

    Posted by KC | July 25, 2009, 12:32 pm

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