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David Ortiz and PEDs, Matsuzaka Shifts the Blame


Here’s a weekly a column taking a look at the top five sports events this past week that left us all asking the question “Did that just happen?”

In no particular order…

David Ortiz named for using performance enhancing drugs

The New York Times reported on Thursday morning that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were some of the players who tested positive in 2003 for taking performance enhancing drugs. There will be way more backlash to follow, I’m sure – but at this point, am I surprised? Not really. Nobody wants to hear that a Red Sox player has used steroids, least of all David Ortiz, but it seems like the government is just out to get as many athletes as they can. There are at least 100 players on the list who have tested positive in 2003, so who’s next? With any luck there will be another list to appear soon that will have 100 more names… until everyone gets sick of the whole issue and moves on. Oh, and this doesn’t make me pro-steroid use, but I think people are getting a little too carried away right now.

Daisuke Matsuzaka blames the Red Sox pitching staff for his problem

Really, Dice-K? You’re telling the whole world that the Red Sox rehab program is the reason that you’ve pitched a miserable 2009 season and found yourself stuck on the DL? Interesting theory. Yes, we all know Japanese baseball is different, and yes, it probably works very well… if you’re playing in Japan. We’re in America now, Dice-K realized this when he came to the Red Sox. Welcome to the American standards of baseball playing, which includes its own pitching and rehab regimens. But, even if Dice-K was allowed to throw more pitches, or pitch more innings, he’s trying to tell us that his arm would magically be healed? Give me a break…or at least come up with a better excuse.

Jim Rice is finally elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Well, that was a close one. As in, let’s-make-Jim-Rice-wait-until-he’s-almost-ineligible before we decide to induct him to the Hall of Fame. However, he’s finally gotten the recognition he deserves, albeit very delayed. Coinciding with his election into the Hall of Fame, the Red Sox have done their part by retiring his number at Fenway Park.

NFL draft format changes to span three days

Instead of keeping the NFL draft to an understandable two-day weekend event, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has overseen the change in the NFL draft that extends it to three days. And we’re not talking your typical three-day weekend… this is now a Thursday-Friday-Saturday event, which is now out of weekend and into work-week. On what planet does this make sense? Ok, ok, I get it – on the planet where everyone is solely concerned about making money, and I’m sure there’s some other stuff thrown in there that I don’t understand but makes sense to someone. Fine. But in my opinion… who wants to sit through all of that for THREE days?

The Red Sox lose two in a row against the A’s and are now 3.5 games behind the Yankees

Ok. Maybe this doesn’t really qualify, but let’s call it a lack of hard-news this week. However, the Sox are still making me shake my head and throw down the remote in disgust and amazement by being so far from consistently productive, like we’ve seen them for most of the season. I always thought you were supposed to come back from the All-Star break rested and ready to go – what happened this time?!

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