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Starbury TV: Stephon Marbury Crazy or Genius?

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NBA point guard Stephon Marbury has a 24-hour live video chat on the Web site, On his channel, “Starbury TV,” viewers can see him dancing, eating Vaseline, and offering words of wisdom to the public. Those who view these videos are incredibly perplexed by his ludicrous actions and must be wondering if he is crazy or just desperately trying to get signed. In this case, one has definitely flown over the cuckoo’s nest.

In his dance video, he is one of the many to give a subtle tribute to Michael Jackson, dancing shirtless to MJ while wearing a facial mask in his bathroom. While this may not be as frightening as Shaq in the film Kazaam, his following videos caused some to wonder if he is on a drug binge or suffering from mental problems.

For instance, Marbury recorded himself eating Vaseline like a toddler trying to eat Play-Doh. Although Vaseline has many uses, such as treatment for dry skin and as teeth shiner for pageant girls, consumption is not typically one of them. In this video, Marbury tells viewers that it can be used as a home remedy for curing sore throats. What’s scarier about this, is that other people share his belief.

In other videos, he assumes a role similar to Confucius, providing viewers with insightful knowledge on media networks, such as ESPN. Marbury is convinced that they “don’t capture the moment,” in that those at ESPN and television try to frame people. Is he trying to make excuses for his poor performance and attitude towards his previous teams’ personnel? He further proves his insanity in another video where he cries while listening to Gospel music and can’t speak coherently. Either Marbury has some serious issues, or he is diluted enough to think that an NBA franchise will hire him based on his theatrics.

The latter of these two options does not seem like a possibility.

Although he is a free agent, it is doubtful that any team will want him because of his confrontational past. After being drafted in 1996 as the number four overall pick, he played for the Timberwolves, Nets, Heat, Knicks, and Celtics. His reputation as a difficult player (i.e. fighting with coaches at Minnesota and New York) will not likely be forgotten. His negative attitude towards the Knicks’ buyout deal caused him to be banned from Knicks’ home games and team practices in 2008. After becoming a free agent, he temporarily came to Boston, but left because he did not like the $1.3 million veteran contract offer from the Celtics. For now, he currently rants about being “so jobless,” which he can only blame himself for.

If Marbury never returns to the NBA, he may have a successful future as an apothecary or philosopher.

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2 comments for “Starbury TV: Stephon Marbury Crazy or Genius?”

  1. Marbury is an ego-maniac…and maybe a bit crazy too.

    Genius? I think not…

    Hilarious? Definitely!

    Posted by KC | July 31, 2009, 6:46 pm
  2. He is starting a Marbury Cult! HOWEVA!!! Quite frankly I think the man can get away with this because he has so much money left still.

    Posted by Marbury's Gate | September 7, 2009, 3:49 pm

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