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Pitino Admits to Consensual Sex with the Woman Who Tried to Extort Him

Rick Pitino

On Tuesday, University of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino admitted to the police that he had consensual sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher after drinking at Porcini restaurant in Louisville, KY on August 1, 2003. In addition, Pitino revealed that he gave her $3,000 for an abortion.

This report comes after Sypher was indicted in April by the government for attempting to extort money from Pitino and lying to the FBI; she plead not guilty to the charges. She tried to demand that Pitino give her cars, tuition money for her children, and $10 million. On July 9, she attempted to turn the tables on Pitino.

According to the Metro Police, reports acquired by the Courier-Journal, Sypher went to the police and tried to bring rape charges against Pitino. She told them that Pitino raped her while at Porcini and later repeated this act at her future husband’s condo when she informed him that she was pregnant. Sypher sealed her own nail in the coffin by asserting that he raped her twice. Prosecutors are not going to charge Pitino. Investigators and people alike find it utterly ridiculous that after allegedly being raped once that she would invite a man like that over again and put herself in the same situation. Luckily for Pitino, he has an alibi for both of the alleged times.

Vehemently denying the rape charges, Pitino informed the police of his own side of the story. Vinnie Tatum, an executive assistant to Pitino, was at the restaurant where he heard Pitino and Sypher having unforced sex. During an interview with Sgt. Andy Abbott, Sypher told him that Pitino forced himself on her once the restaurant closed, ignoring her pleas for him to stop. If it was not consensual sex, than Tatum, whom she claimed was not there, would have obviously heard her supposed pleas. Pitino disproved her second allegation because he was in Pebble Beach, CA during the time that she said it occurred.

However, Pitino did meet Sypher at her future husband Tim Sypher’s condo. Tim was a strength coach for Louisville during that time, but did not know her. Pitino met her at Tim’s apartment to solve the issue of her pregnancy. He did not try to force the idea of an abortion on her; she came to that conclusion on her own, but asked Pitino for the $3,000 because she claimed that she could not afford it. Obviously, $3,000 could not suffice Sypher.

Sgt. Abbott was responsible for finding the loopholes in Sypher’s story, proving her inconsistency and loss of credibility. When asked why she waited to bring up the rape charges, she offered a variety of colorful reasons such as, “she wanted to forget” and Pitino “threatened her”; none of her reasons ever matched up. Also, at the time that she alleged that Pitino raped her during late August of 2003, Abbott caught her admitting in a police report to having an ultrasound and abortion in Cincinnati. When Abbott brought the inconsistency with time to her attention, she had no excuse.

While Pitino is no criminal, only a witness in this case, some are wondering how this will effect his position at Louisville. He has made no public announcement as of yet, but it seems unlikely that he will leave or lose his position with the team. The Athletic Director at Louisville, Tom Jurich, said in a statement that “Coach Pitino has been truthful with us about this matter all along and we stand behind him and his family during this process.” Over the years he has proven himself as coach for Louisville, the Celtics, and the Knicks. His past personal choices, will not reflect on his ability to coach. Expect to see him this upcoming season.

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  1. Also interesting is the broad spectrum in the definition of *sex offender.* These days a person can get that label just from urinated in a public place.

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