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Youkilis Suspended, Remy Makes Return to Fenway


An all-Red Sox edition this week, in no particular order…

David Ortiz opens up about his name being on the 2003 steroids list

After making everyone wait to hear what his story would be on the situation, David Ortiz finally spoke out in a press conference, admitting that he was “careless” about buying over-the-counter vitamins and supplements but had never taken steroids. Good answer. Whether he’s telling the truth or it’s a just load of crap, we’ll probably never know, but at least he came up with a semi-plausable excuse. Not that it matters – to make things even funnier (at least to me), the MLB Players’ Association now claims that the 2003 steroids list has some “discrepancies.” Looks like Ortiz is off the hook with that one.

Jerry Remy makes an appearance at Fenway, feeling better

Jerry Remy returned to Fenway Park during the second inning of Wednesday’s game against the Tigers and spoke candidly about his absence. The fans proved how much they missed him with a standing ovation, signs, posters…you get the idea. Remy said that he didn’t know exactly when he’ll be back in the box with Don Orsillo, but I hope it’s soon, and I know the rest of Red Sox Nation feels the same. But, I have to say, it was reassuring to see him back and joking, at least for only an inning.

Red Sox get swept by Yankees for the first time since last season

Well, this was miserable – a four-game sweep by the Yankees in New York. Not only were the four games all losses, but they were long, making it even more painful to watch. One game stretched to 15 innings, before our favorite A-Rod ended it with a home run. How splendid. The Sox dropped down to six and a half games behind in the AL East, and now it will be a definite struggle to make up the deficit.

Kevin Youkilis suspended for 5 games after an on-field brawl

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Red Sox, they did. Kevin Youkilis has been suspended for five games after starting a fight with pitcher Rick Borcello, who had hit Youkilis with a pitch. Thanks Youkilis, for keeping your temper in check for the sake of the rest of the team. But…alright, maybe it’s not that bad – with Youk out, Mike Lowell has (finally) been allowed more playing time, and is doing one hell of a job; he hit three home runs in his last three games, two of them in the same game. You show ‘em, Mikey.

John Smoltz designated for assignment

And here I actually thought the Red Sox would try to hang on to Smoltz and see how much more damage he could cause while pitching. So, I think now’s the time to say that I was very wrong about Smoltz; he looked promising before we got him but has since failed consistently. Thus, the Red Sox have sent him packing, which will hopefully give them more time to fix the rest of the endless problems the team seems to be having right now.

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  1. Youkilis Suspended, Remy Makes Return to Fenway: An all-Red Sox edition this week, in no particular order…

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