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Favre Returns to the NFL…Again

Brett Favre Practices (Photo by

Brett Favre announced on Tuesday that he would be returning to the NFL, signing a $25 million, two-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings. After last season, he announced that he would retire from the NFL in February, but he obviously cannot stay away from either the lure of football or money.

At this point in his career, Favre seems to be alienating more people than exciting them with his constant backpedaling with the idea of retirement. Soon, he will reach a point where no team will want him as quarterback because of his flippant attitude toward the NFL. Favre needs to realize that he is no longer a hot commodity.

As an older quarterback, Favre is very dispensable. His luster has already begun to wear off; he is not of the same caliber as he was when he first played at Green Bay. There are numerous agile and highly skilled quarterbacks who would gladly take his place. None of those players require any NFL team to endure the hoopla that Favre enjoys.

In addition, it is clear that his heart is no longer in the game. If he actually cared about football, he would not incessantly change his mind about playing. How can Favre tell the media that he “can’t play” anymore, but within a matter of days, he miraculously discovers that he can play for at least two more seasons?

His actions are incredibly idiotic. We may see this same unsteady mentality reflected in his decisions as a quarterback on the field.

As a new addition, Favre is not going to drastically change the Vikings’ 2009 season. The Vikings proved to be a strong enough team without him. We may see them playing in this year’s Super Bowl; however, there are several key games where both the Vikings’ offense and defense will be put to the test and not likely succeed. In particular, games against the Green Bay Packers will not be easy, as an intense rivalry may form between the teams due to Favre’s betrayal. While the Vikings may have a strong defense, the Packers will be yearning to crush Favre and his offense. Other teams may equally share such detestation for Favre and be gunning to shut down the Vikings.

With the return of infamous players Brett Favre and Michael Vick, this will no doubt be a very interesting NFL season.

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  1. I hope Favre steps it up this season and does well for his team.

    Posted by Lisa | August 20, 2009, 5:46 pm
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    Posted by TGIF: Brett Favre Fantasy Value | Sports of Boston | August 21, 2009, 2:16 pm

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