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The Boys are Back: Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Michael Vick


A weekly column taking a look at the sports stories that left us asking the question, “did that just happen?”
In no particular order…

Brett Favre pulls another “just kidding” and is back from retirement

Surprise. Since he’s only done this two other times (note: sarcasm), I think this latest move didn’t actually shock anyone, but rather just pissed people off. Favre once again changed his mind and came back out of retirement to sign with the Vikings for a two-year, $25 million deal. Are you kidding me? The Vikings are paying him that much, just so he can throw interceptions? Right. Well, we’ll see how well this turns out.

Remy to return to Fenway on Friday

After making an appearance at Fenway last week, Remy has announced that he will be coming back to the booth part-time starting on Friday when the Sox play the Yankees. I think nothing else needs to be said besides the obvious: hooray! Remy’s back!

Red Sox pick up shortstop Alex Gonzalez… again

Yes yes yes yes yes. I’m not gonna lie – I was the biggest fan of Alex Gonzalez when the Red Sox acquired him in 2006, and more than disappointed when they let him go the next year. Since Gonzo left, there have been terrible inconsistencies with the shortstop position. But, much to my personal happiness, Gonzo is back! The concern is that Gonzalez isn’t great offensively, but look at the options and what we have now…at least having a solid, gold-glove shortstop who doesn’t hit well is much better than an average shortstop who doesn’t hit well, either.

Michael Vick is back on the field, signs with Eagles

Well, I bet the green fields are a lot nicer looking than the drab gray of his jail cell. OK, so his sentence ended after an 18-month stay in 2006, but Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL. So apparently “indefinitely” just means three years. He signed with the Eagles for a one-year, $1.3 million contract with an option for the following year, although won’t be able to play until at least Week 6, when it’s decided whether he will be officially reinstated. Really? Why bother with that. I sincerely hope that the Eagles didn’t decide to waste their money on such a prospect if they had any idea that Vick would not be able to play.

Brady debuts in Patriots pre-season

Pats fans everywhere rejoiced as Brady took to the field for the first pre-season game against the Eagles. Up until the game, Belichick had remained pretty vague about whether or not Brady would play, but, alas, there he was. Still, I won’t hold my breath for how good he’ll be – it’s too early to tell. Coming back from such a big injury, not to mention all the distractions regarding Gisele’s “pregnancy,” and Brady has a good amount of pressure coming up in the 2009 season.

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  1. A-Gonz’s bat is awful…but his glove makes me really appreciate him as a player, especially considering he’s replacing the likes of Nick Green and Julio Lugo (YUCK!). It’s like going from listening to one of those failed performances on American Idol…to listening to Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley or (insert good musician here).

    Posted by KC | August 21, 2009, 1:05 am

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