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Red Sox-Yankees Live Blog 8-21

Hideki Matsui

FINAL: Yankees 20, Red Sox 11

Entering the night without a win in Fenway Park all season, the Yankees busted out in a big way, putting up 20 runs in a 20-11 win. The Yanks touched Brad Penny for six runs in the first two innings, and scored six more in the fifth to chase Penny. Penny didn’t record an out in the fifth, and finished with 4+ innings, 10 hits allowed, and eight runs (all earned). Recent call-up Michael Bowden was somehow worse than Penny in relief, going two innings and allowing seven more runs (all earned) to give the Yankees a 15-3 lead.

Alex Rodriguez finished 4-4, Melky Cabrera went 4-6, and Hideki Matsui clubbed two home runs and had a career-high seven RBI to lead the 23-hit attack. While Penny was bad with his eight runs allowed in 4+ innings, the bullpen was worse in allowing 12 more runs (seven charged to Bowden, one charged to Manny Delcarmen, and four runs [three earned] charged to Ramon Ramirez).

The Red Sox notched 11 runs of their own, but to no avail. Jason Varitek and Mike Lowell both homered in the ninth inning when the game was way out of reach to help lead the 12-hit attack. The Sox made good on most of their scoring chances (12 hits, 11 runs), and touched Andy Pettitte for seven runs (five earned) on seven hits and two walks in five innings pitched. Despite the awful performance, Pettitte earned his 10th win of the year.

Read on for the full live blog of the game.

bad penny
The holy war is about to resume. Pitching tonight for the forces of Good will be Bad Penny (7-7, 5.22 ERA; but 0-3, 19 runs allowed in his last 4 starts.)

Pitching for Evil will be the horse-faced Andy Pettitte (9-6, 4.09; with 3 runs allowed in his last three starts.)

Bizarre, often disgusting and ugly things happen when the Yankees invade Boston. The Prudential Center has already been evacuated, a hurricane is on its way, a heat wave is already here. No word yet on whether dogs and cats are living together yet or not.

Tonight’s lineups, courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Red Sox

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. J.D. Drew, RF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
— Brad Penny, RHP


1. Derek Jeter, SS
2. Johnny Damon, LF
3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, DH
6. Jorge Posada, C
7. Robinson Cano, 2B
8. Nick Swisher, RF
9. Melky Cabrera, CF
— Andy Pettitte, LHP

Will big Bad Penny rock, like the last time he faced the Yankees in Fenway? Or will he continue to get rocked, as he has in his last few starts? Remdawg is finally back on hand to let us know.

Penny is something of an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a plate of bacon cheese fries. He throws 97 miles per hour, he’s won a World Series, and he started the all-star game and blew everyone away just a couple years ago. But he doesn’t fill Red Sox fans with confidence. Is it because he’s new? Because he’s struggled lately? Because he’s a big fat guy? Because he’s a big fat guy who dates hot actresses? Because of his big fat 5.22 ERA? Who knows, but he needs to deliver a good performance tonight.

Looks like a sellout crowd in Fenway tonight. Duh.

Top 1st

Jeter steps up to the plate to a chorus of boos. Penny starts him off with a called strike on the outside corner, then misses way inside. Jeter doesn’t dive into this one, but he’s still the divingest diver that ever dived a dive, though.

And he belts the third pitch on a line to right field, where it lands fair and hops into the crowd for an automatic double.

Traitorous Johnny Damon is next. He fouls one painfully off his leg, drawing jeers and mockery from the crowd as he collapses to the ground in pain. Stay classy, Fenway.

Dang, I was all set to point out that Damon used to look like Jesus, and now he looks like a monkey, so that is reverse proof of evolution. Or is that creationism? But now that he’s all hurt, I can’t even write that.

Damon gets back in the box after the drama, and promptly gets rung up for strike three on a pitch about a foot outside.

Mark Tiexierieiaria is next. Penny gets ahead, then gets behind, then walks him. Two on and one out for the hatable Alex Rodriguez. Slappy rips a grounder into the hole between third base and shortstop. Alex Gonzalez dives for it, knocks it down, but can’t throw anyone out. Maybe by keeping it in the infield, he saved a run. For now.

Bases loaded one out for Headachy Matsui. Penny gets ahead 0-2, then blazes one over the outside corner (maybe?) and Matt Suhey is called out on strikes!

Bases still loaded for Hore-hay Posada. This is what us Sports Experts call a Big At-Bat.

And Posada smacks one up the middle, past Penny’s flailing foot, into center field. Two runs score easily, as the Yankees pummeling of the Red Sox continues. They are beating the Red Sox like a rented Teixieriearia lately. Good thing Penny got two gift strikeouts from the ump or the Yankees would really be kicking our asses now.

Runners on first and second for Robinson Canosoe. Penny fires a fastball, Cano swings and shatters his bat, pieces flying everywhere, but the ball rolls right to Pedroia. He flips to first to mercifully end the inning.

2-0 bad guys after half an inning. Here we go again.


The Red Sox have led the Yankees for less than one inning in their last 4+ games against them.

Ellsbury leads off for the Red Sox against Big Pettitte and the gaping hole in his chin. The count goes full, then Ellsbury takes one just a bit inside, maybe, for ball four.

Damon has left the game, and former wacky bearded guy/current clean-cut corporate sellout Eric Hinkse is now in left field.

Pedroia is next. Ellsbury takes off for second, Posada’s throw is right on the money, but Canoe drops it, and Ellsbury’s safe with his Red Sox record-tying 54th steal of the season. The crowd roars for a long time, making way too much of a fairly insignificant team record. But Ellsbury only needs 76 more steals this season to tie Rickey Henderson’s league record!

Pedroia skies one to right, but it’s right at Nick Swisher for the out. Ellsbury tags and trots to third on the play.

Victor Martinez is up, trying to get the Red Sox on the board. Will Ellsbury try to steal home against Pettitte again? Highly unlikely.

Martinez works the count full, then fouls one off his foot. Is that the theme for this game? VMart lines the next pitch to center, but Milky Cabrera is there to grab it. Ellsbury tags up and waltzes home for the run. Well, not literally. He sort of trots home casually, with little to no actual dancing.

Youkilis is next, and he hacks and misses at a curve for strike three to end the inning. 1-2 bad guys after 1.

TOP 2nd

Nick Swisher starts the  New York second by bouncing out to Pedroia. Milky Cabrera follows by rolling one weakly down the third base line. But it’s placed perfectly, and Lowell has no chance to throw him out. Infield single.

Jeter steps in. Penny gets ahead 1-2, getting Jeter to miss a darting slider. Where has that pitch been lately? But Penny misses with the next two to fill the count.

Then, with the runner taking off, Jeter cracks a single up the middle for a base hit, and Milky dashes all the way to third, as the weak-armed Ellsbury can only watch.

Eric Hinky now up with runners on the corner and one out. The Yankee dugout yells mean things at the ump as Hinky takes a called strike, and then another. Penny has got a couple of gift calls tonight, but the yelling of the benchwarmers is unlikely to help them.

Hinky quiets them by belting one down the right field line, just fair. It hops into the crowd for an automatic double, scoring Milky with yet another Yankee run. Jeter has to hold third.

Donkey-faced Texieriairia is next, with two runners in scoring position and Penny clinging on for dear life. Tex adds a dagger to the staggering Penny, ripping another shot to right for a double, both runners scoring easily. Penny doesn’t bother to back up any bases on the play, apparently too fat or too disinterested to bother. The humiliation just keeps coming.

The loathsome Alex Rodriguez steps in. Penny throws one to the backstop, Donkey-face taking third. Then Rodriguez slashes a hit to left, for yet another run. He tries to take second, but is gunned down by Bay. Yippee.

Penny now has thrown 50 fat pitches to get 5 fat outs, while allowing five fat runs. He’s really laboring out there, and looking tired.

Matsui runs up to the plate, his eyes bulging, drooling to get in there and take his rips against Penny’s woeful offerings. And he crushes one to deep right, but the ball dies a bit in the thick air. Drew goes back to the track, then to the wall, reaches up and finally makes the catch to end the inning on the 410-foot out. I think it’s 6-1 New York, but I need to check my calculator first to be sure. Let’s see, carry the three, metric two, and… yes, 6-1 New York after one and a half innings.


Bay, apparently in a big hurry to get back out there and watch the Yankees score more runs in bunches, hacks at the first pitch and makes an out, hitting it somewhere, who cares where, really? Way to make him work.

Ortiz is next. He actually looks slightly thinner than Brad Penny, I’m not kidding. He works the count full, then walks.

Lowell steps in and hurls his bat into the crowd. Possibly an accident, as he was swinging at the time. He flies out routinely to Milky in center. Ortiz doesn’t tag up and speed all the way to third base, he just waits at first for JD Drew to inevitably tap out to second base to end the inning. Drew shockingly crosses up everyone, and taps out weakly to first base instead. 1-6 Yankees after 2.

TOP 3rd

Will the Red Sox let Penny continue to take his pounding, trying to save the bullpen for tomorrow? Or are they sick of watching the Yankees form a conga line around the bases, and thus ready to try their luck with someone else, mayhap rookie Michael Bowden, who was warming earlier? Could anyone else really do any worse?

Penny answers the bell, like a bloodied sumo wrestler who’s been punched out for four rounds by a heavyweight Ultimate Fighter with a sledgehammer in a karate street fight. He whiffs Posada! But the ball gets past Martinez, and the 58-year-old Posada is able to do the baby elephant walk to first safely before they can throw him out.

Canoe is up next to continue the paddling. Will he line a single? Smash a double? Use his shoe for a bat and drill one over the wall? No! He grounds into a double play, Posada to Gonzalez to Youkilis, nicely turned. That’ll show them!

Nick Swisher, looking disturbingly like late-period Mike Greenwell, steps in. Penny labors to a full count, then fans him to end the inning. Still 1,057 to 1 in the third.


Light-hitting, fish-faced Alex Gonzalez leads off the home half of the third. Perhaps the best strategy here is to take a lot of pitches and hope Pettitte gets tired in the heat. He tries, but can’t lay off the last one, and ends up whiffing for the first out.

As Ellsbury stands in, Baseball Annie the “sideline reporter” informs us that Johnny Damon is “Day-to-day” with his injury. Aren’t we all? Anyway, Ellsbury whiffs, as Pettitte is just toying with the Red Sox hitters.

Pedroia shows some life by ripping one off the Monster for a double! Unfortunately, Pedroia, for some reason known only to himself, feels that it is actually a triple, and heads for third, down 6-1 with two outs. Obviously, he is thrown out by a mile and his foolishness ends the inning. Yankees kicking the crap out of the Red Sox 6-1 after 3.

TOP 4th

The old baseball adage says that you never make the third out at third base. Maybe that needs to be updated to this: you NEVER make the third out at third base when you are down by 5 runs and have just hit your team’s only hit of the game, in a game you are desperate to win, with your team’s best hitters on deck, especially when you end up getting thrown out by 10 feet.

Milky Cabrera, who started the big rally in the second, leads off for NY. He bounces one into the hole that Gonzalez backhands, and just barely throws him out.

Jeter flies out to right field. Penny must have thought that the game started at 8:30 tonight, because he’s been pretty good lately, now that he’s allowed all those runs and given the Yankees the game. Yo Brad, this is the Eastern time zone, these games start at 7 PM, you’re not supposed to throw batting practice until 8:30, all right?

Blobby ex-Red Sox Eric Hinky steps in, and skies out routinely to Bay in left. 6-1 NY in the 4th.

Bottom 4th

V-Mart will lead off for the Sox, instead of coming up in the third with Pedroia on second base and two outs. And Pedroia’s blunder doesn’t make any difference anyway, as Martinez grounds out on a very hittable pitch. Youkilis follows by quickly popping out.

Pettitte continues his one-hitter by dispatching Bay back to the bench on a lineout to Hinky. 6-1 NY after 4.

TOP 5th

Penny takes the hill again, taking one for the team by trying to eat some innings here. Insert your own “Brad Penny eats” joke here, trust me it’s easy, if not exactly funny.

Texierieiria leads off with a crappy bloop single, his third time on base tonight, which is more than the entire Red Sox team combined, even if you give them credit for Pedroia’s three or four seconds “on base.”

The excrable Alex Rodriguez is next. He bashes one high off the wall in left, just barely missing a home run. The Sox get the ball back into the infield quickly, holding the repellent Rodriguez to a single. Joe Not Torre comes out to whine about the call like an annoying jerk, as if it even matters.

Runners on first and third and no one out. And Francona finally comes out to put Penny out of his misery. Not by shooting him in the head, alas, but by taking him out of the game. Pitching change.

Rookie Michael Bowden is in to try to get some people out and get this game over as quickly as possible. He will face Headachy Matt Suhey. And Matsui greets him by crushing one to deep right. Drew races back, but he’s got no chance, as it’s well over the fence for a home run. What a horror show. 9-1 New York.

Penny will finish the night with 8 runs allowed in 4 innings pitched. Bowden walks Posada, as the Red Sox aren’t even putting up a fight.

Is it worse to lose a close, frustrating game, where you can’t score a run to save your lives; or is it worse to just totally get your butts kicked to the point where the other team is laughing at you? The Red Sox have experienced both against the Yankees recently, so we should be able to decide this issue. I vote that they both suck and need to stop now.

Canoe is next. Bowden throws one that gets past Martinez, giving Posada second base. Passed ball? Wild Pitch? Who cares? Canoe belts a hit to left center, scoring Posada easily. 10-1 Yankees.

Still no one out in the fifth. At this pace, this game will end sometime tomorrow evening, and the final score will be 87-3.

Hey, remember back when Bowden was warming up, and I foolishly asked if anyone could do worse than Penny? Umm, I think the answer is actually yes.

Swisher up next. He grounds out routinely, bringing a chorus of mock cheers from the crowd at Fenway, who paid hundreds of dollars to witness this disaster.

Milky cracks an RBI single, surely guffawing his way all the way to first base as the run scores. No one warming in the Red Sox bullpen, as Michael Bowden’s lifetime ERA keeps soaring and soaring. This is now officially a massacre.


Jeter is next. Still one out in the 5th, five runs in. Jeter grounds sharply to Youkilis, who gets the lead runner at second. Gonzalez turns it quickly at second and fires to first, Bowden covering, but it’s just a bit late.

Hinky is up next, with a man on and two out. The 22-year-old Bowden walks him. Still no one warming up in the pen– you’d better tough it out, kid. Donkey-faced Texierieia smacks another hit, and Jeter scores, pushing the Yankees lead to approximately 47-1.

Michael “Crispus Attucks” Bowden hangs in there to face the repugnant Alex Rodriguez, having already thrown 40+ pitches in this version of the Boston Massacre. Two men on in a blow-out, this is NOT when you want to face Slappy. Bowden agrees, issuing him a walk to load the bases.

Matsui is up again, for what seems like the 4th time this inning. Manny Delcarmen, apparently having drawn the short straw in the bullpen, starts to warm up for Boston. But Shemp pops out to Gonzalez to finally end the inning. 78-1 Yankees in the fifth.

Bottom 5th

Some guy leads off for Boston, and pops out to some other guy. Pettitte now pitching with his right hand, just for the hell of it.

Lowell smacks a base hit! That’s two hits for Boston, and one of them that DOESN’T end in a baserunning screw-up. Yet.

For some reason, Rocco Baldelli pinch-hits for Drew. I guess since we really need an 11-run home run, maybe Baldy is more likely to hit one?

He smashes a shot to center off the wall for a double! I think Pettitte will go back to pitching with his left hand now.

Light-hitting Alex Gonzalez is up with two runners in scoring position. He grounds to the odious Rodriguez, and the runners have to hold as Gonzalez is thrown out.

Ellsbury up next. He bloops a single to left, and both runners score, cutting the lead to only 9 runs! The crowd, apparently new to baseball, is now loudly chanting “Let’s Go Red Sox.” That’s cute. They are probably thinking all we need is a touchdown and then a field goal to win!

Pedroia is next, and he chops one past the repulsive Rodriguez at third. Ellsbury comes all the way around to score on the double. Brian Bruney starting to warm up for NY as Martinez steps in, looking to try to make the score more respectable. Unfortunately, he whiffs to end the inning. I think it’s 12-4 now, but I’ll have to double check.

Top 6th

Bowden still out there. If he can’t get people out, I wonder which position player they’ll bring in to pitch next? And Posada continues the pummeling by crushing one off the centerfield wall for a leadoff double. Someone tell David McCarty to get warming up in the bullpen.

Canoe pops out to Ellsbury for  the first out. Swish Knickers is next– somehow he hasn’t got a hit tonight, the only one in the Yankee lineup who hasn’t. And he joins the party by grounding a single to right. Posada holds third base.

Milky Cabrera follows by ripping one off the Monster in left, over the head of Nick Green, who is playing out there for some reason. Yet another run scores.

Jeter follows by smacking the next pitch into center for a single, scoring two more runs. Time to draw names from a hat to see which of the spectators gets to come in and pitch.


Hinky is up next. Still only one out in the 6th. Bowden throws a 55-footer that bounces past the catcher, giving Jeter second base, if he decides to bother to take it.

He does. Hinky grounds out to Casey Kotchman, who suddenly is playing first base. Or is that Adam Laroche? No, it’s Jeff Bailey? Or is it Jake Stahl, or maybe High-Pockets Hunt? I guess it’s Kotchman. No one cares at this point.

The next guy pops out to some other guy, to end the inning. Yankees lead 1,056 to 4 in the sixth.


Kotchman leads off for the Sox. He’s hitting .214 with Boston, or approximately 100 points lower than Julio Lugo is hitting with his new team. Kotchman grounds routinely to Canoe, whose throw is off line and pulls Texierieria off the bag. Kotchman is safe.

Left fielder Nick Green follows with a single to right. Next, Ortiz pops one to shallow center. Jeter, Cabrera and Hinske surround the ball, then play a little you-got-it/I’ll-take-it, and the ball drops in. Kotchman scores to cut the lead to 10!

That’s it for Pettitte, as Joe Not Torre is out to yank him and bring in Brian Bruney. Pitching change.

Lowell greets Bruney with a little grounder that just sneaks between Jeter and the loathsome Alex Rodriguez. Green holds third, bases loaded for Baldelli. A grand slam here, a couple more runs, and suddenly we’d only be down 4 runs!

No slam here. But Baldy walks, forcing in a run. Only down 9 baby!

Light-hitting Alex Gonzalez is up next. After he whiffs, maybe Ellsbury can beat out an infield hit? Bruney falls behind 3-1, and insanely, the Fenway crowd rises to their feet in excitement. That’s funny. I guess they need to try to manufacture some sort of excitement after all the money they’ve paid.

A called strike, a foul ball, and the crowd is STILL on its feet, cheering! These are my people, never giving up, no matter how ridiculous it gets.

Of course, as we all knew he would, Gonzalez bounces into a double play, killing the rally and embarrassing everyone who rooted so hard for him. A run scores on the play, but that doesn’t really matter. Ellsbury quickly pops out to end the inning.

The score is something like 15-7, we’re getting pounded really badly, but slightly less badly than a few minutes ago.

TOP 7th

Manny Delcarmen is in to pitch, and Varitek is in to catch. Or maybe it’s the other way around, it doesn’t make much difference. Except MDC would have a much better chance of throwing out baserunners.

The pestiferous Alex Rodriguez leads off by crushing a shot to deep center. Ellsbury races back to the wall, leaps high, and has the ball hit him in the back and bounce away. Rodriguez hustles all the way, invidiously padding his stats with a triple.

Matt Suhey bounces out to Kotchman, scoring the vile Rodriguez with the Yankees’ 16th run of the night.

Posada follows by ripping a liner to left. Whoever is playing out there now makes the catch. It might be Bob Zupcic, or possibly Randy Kutcher, I’m not sure. The Yankees are keeping their starters in to try and run up the score even more, but Canoe makes the third out to end the inning. 16-7 in the 7th.

Bottom 7th

With the Sox down by 9 runs with only 9 outs left, it’s time for Francona to call for that secret play where we score 10 runs and don’t give up any more. If he doesn’t do that, he’s an idiot!

Pedroia leads off, because there aren’t any subs left on the bench to replace him. He lines one to deep right, but Swish Knickers runs back to the track and makes a nice running catch to rob Pedroia of extra bases.

Varitek steps in, and walks on four pitches. Nice work Bruney, walking a guy with a 9-run lead.

Some poor chumps just got married in the bleachers. If this game is any indication of what their marriage will be like, they need to get divorced right now. Don’t even say another word to each other, just run in opposite directions, right now.

Kotchman is next, and he gets drilled by the pitch. He actually started to swing at that pitch, but it hit him anyway, and he takes his base.

This game started out with the Yankees playing great, but now both teams are playing really badly. If a tie game is like kissing your sister, then this game is like kissing some big, fat, ugly, smelly, bearded guy.

Bruney manages to walk Nick Green, a feat which takes some seriously poor pitching to accomplish. Joe Not Torre has finally seen enough of Bruney’s horrible pitching, and he yanks him. This has been a bad night for fat pitchers. Pitching change.

Damaso Marte is in to pitch, because someone has to. He hasn’t pitched in three months, and his ERA is 15.19. That means if he pitches the way he has all year, he only needs to pitch for 6 innings to blow the lead! Unfortunately, there are only two and a third innings left.

Ortiz is up. A homer makes it 16-11. However, a weak popoout makes it 16-7, and that’s what we get. The runners hold. Oh Brian Bruney where are you when we need you to walk in 8 runs?

Marte completes his best performance of the year by blowing away Mike Lowell, stranding all three runners to end the inning. 16-7 Yankees.

Top 8th

Takeshi Saito drew the short straw in the bullpen and has to come into this mess and pitch.

Nick Swisher leads off. Saito takes a long time between pitches, building the drama. The count goes full, then Swisher whiffs. Or Whiffer swishes. Whatever.

Milky Cabrera pops out to Zupcic in left for the second out. Jeter steps in, up by 9 runs in the 8th inning. Might want to take him out, rest him up for the playoffs? Nah, he needs no rest, he’s obviously an android, hitting and fielding better than ever in his mid-30’s. But this time he bounces out to Pedroia to end the inning.

Bottom 8th

Well since there is no “mercy rule” in major league baseball, there’s still three half-innings left to endure before this game finally ends. Sergio Mitre is in to pitch. He gets Rico Baldy to ground out to the detestable Rodriguez at third.

Light-hitting Alex Gonzalez grounds out to Mire, and then Ellsbury grounds out to the abhorrent Rodriguez. Only two more half-innings to endure. 16-7 Yankees after 8.

Top 9th

Ramon Ramirez has to pitch this inning. He faces fat-faced Eric Hinske. Hinky pops one to shallow center. Ellsbury races in, slides, and completely misses the ball. It bounces well past him. Hinky doesn’t care about triples the way the loathsome Arod does, so he trots casually into second with a double.

Donkey-faced Texierieiaria finally makes an out, flying routinely to Kevin Romine in left. Jerry Hairston, Jr. steps up to pinch hit for the abominable Alex Rodriguez. Ramirez walks him.

First and second, one out for Matsui. Of course, he pops one down the right field line that just misses the Pesky pole. Unfortunately, it misses it because it’s fair, and gone for another home run.

That’s the second bomb of the night for Shemp, and he had another blast that was caught right against the wall.  The score now is like 55-12 or something. It doesn’t much make any difference, except to make it crystal clear just how much better the Yankees are now than the Red Sox. Hard to believe that Boston was up by 3 games on them at the all-star break.

Canoe is next, and he belts one to left field. Utility infielder Ed Romero is out there, and the comedy continues as the ball sails off his glove for a two-base error.

Swish Knicker follows by crushing one to deep center. It clangs off the top of the fence for a double. Whoever it is who was on first scores easily, making the score 20-7.

Cabrera steps in and belts a shot down the right field line. He rounds first and charges toward second. The throw from whoever is playing right field now beats him, and he’s out, to end the inning. Whoever was on base would have scored, but Milky stupidly ran into an out before he could cross the plate, meaning that the run doesn’t count. Instead of a 21-7 lead, the Yankees now only lead 20-7. Will that blunder come back to haunt them? 20-7 New York in the 9th.

Bottom 9th

Pedroia leads off the bottom of the 9th by making some kind of out. Varitek is next. He crushes one, deep to left center, WAY BACK, WAY BACK– IT’S GONE!! HOME RUN FOR VARITEK! HOME RUN! Varitek’s 9th-inning home run against the Yankees has sliced the lead to 20-8!

Kotchman follows with a base hit, just dragging things out pointlessly now. I think Mike Brumley is up next for the Red Sox. He grounds to Hairston at third for the second out, bringing up Ortiz, the last hope for the Sox. If they can come back and win this game, I really think they would still have a shot at the division title.

Ortiz tags one to deep center, it one-hops the wall for a double. Kevin Romine dashes all the way around from first to score for Boston! 20-9 now.

Let’s see if Mike Lowell will finally end this disaster. NO! Lowell cracks a deep drive to left! It sails OVER THE MONSTER FOR A 9TH INNING HOME RUN AGAINST THE YANKEES! What drama!

Rocco Baldelli is next. The Red Sox are only down 9. And Mitre hits Baldelli with a pitch! Will there be a bench-clearing brawl? Not this time, as obviously Mitre is just trying to finally end this mess, but is just too crappy to do it.


Light-hitting Alex Gonzalez is next, and he’ll pop out to end the game. NO! He grounds out to shortstop instead! THE GAME IS OVER! IT’S A FOUR -RUN 9TH INNING FOR THE RED SOX AGAINST THE YANKEES! WOW!

1,056 to 11 is the final score. Good thing the Sox scored 11 runs against NY tonight, after scoring two runs in the last three games they played.

You’ve got to admit, Yankee fans are looking good right now…

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