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Boston Sports T-Shirts Company Has Local Roots Logo

Recently, SoB’s Chris and I had a chance to sit down with the guys at CitySwagUSA, a start-up t-shirt company that concentrates more on the quality of the shirts, rather than the quantity that they sell. It was nice meeting up with both of them, and we have posted the full interview below.

SoB: So why was CitySwagUSA created and what brought on this decision? Who do you guys cater to?

CitySwagUSA: CitySwagUSA was created to bring a new swagger, per se; something new to the table in the t-shirt industry. Being t shirt enthusiasts, we always loved rockin’ fresh t shirts, and decided less than a year ago to open up shop ourselves. Did you ever search endlessly for a custom t-shirt and never find what you were looking for? Well, we have been in your position before and after searching high and low for the right custom t-shirts, we have not been satisfied with what is out there either, and knew instantly there was room for CitySwagUSA in the market.

We are in the process of creating a variety of custom t-shirt designs for the public and college community while catering to a diverse genre of people from the east coast to the west coast and beyond. We wanted to bring you shirts that can be worn to parties, bars, or wherever and have it look and feel good. We also wanted the designs to be available in a variety of colors so you can still wear your favorite color on shirts or your school colors on college t-shirts (more colors coming soon) with the design of your choice. Another key aspect we wanted to add was the ability to fully customize an individual shirt with your school, town, or company. We are able to do this at an affordable cost with no minimum order.

SoB: So what sets CitySwagUSA apart from other t-shirt sites? What are you guys all about?

CitySwagUSA: Hell, we have seen what is out there and we know we aren’t the first to launch a shirt company. We also know we can run with the pack (other t-shirt companies) and get by and do pretty well, but in order to separate yourself from the pack you have to be innovative and service a need through the shirts by listening to what the people want. You can go to a bunch of funny t-shirt sites, but there are only one-and-done tees with no customization at all. Also, you can go to big time custom shirt sites and put anything you want on a shirt yourself, but that can be confusing at times as people sit there pondering what to put on a shirt, and most of them are very expensive. A shirt might be funny, but if it is shipped to you stiff as a board and almost unwearable besides to the gym and to bed then it will stay buried in your “shirts you barely wear” wardrobe. is more than just a t-shirt website. CitySwagUSA is a lifestyle brand of shirts, and the site (in progress) will be built out so customers can participate in shirt designs and ideas as well as leave comments and testimonials on products, blog posts, pics, and videos. Our shirts are of the highest quality 100% cotton and are extrememly soft and comfortable. They are tagless and branded with our logo on the inside neck unlike many other shirt companies which only print on the cheapest shirts available. Our designs are creative and unique, perfect for any party, bar, game, or for everyday use.

SoB: You recently gave away $50 and a free shirt for the winning t-shirt design in a special promotion. Any plans to have giveaways like this anytime soon?

CitySwagUSA: We have quite a few giveaways and contests coming up. We will be looking for designs and ideas for new shirts. Prizes will be given away as well as recognition on our site for your work. As we grow the prizes for these contests will only increase. Stay posted for updates and join our Twitter and Facebook fan page for contests, updates, and more. We encourage all fans when they buy a shirt to take a pic of themselves in the shirt and send it back to us. We will then throw you up on the site and maybe even send a free shirt your way!

SoB: Anything you would like to share in closing?

CitySwagUSA: Although we are extremely pleased with the launch of the Web site and the designs we are offering our customers, CitySwagUSA will always be trying to better the experience by making continuous enhancements to the site. We would like to thank Sports of Boston for the interview. You guys really make it happen with Boston sports coverage. Keep getting after it.

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