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Red Sox Radio Broadcasts to Return to WEEI


In a move that may be a huge blow to the new 98.5 The Sports Hub, Entercom has elected to move all Red Sox games starting Wednesday night from 680 WRKO-AM (a talk station) back to 850 WEEI-AM. WRKO and WEEI, sister stations under Entercom, had been sharing broadcasts for Red Sox games since the 2007 season. WEEI has been broadcasting Sox games on Wednesday nights, and WRKO has been handling the broadcasts the rest of the week to make room for Planet Mikey on WEEI.

Now, all Red Sox games for the rest of the season and future seasons will be on WEEI. What’s the point of listening to WRKO anymore? I know I won’t do it.

Either way, I think the move for WEEI was necessary to fend off 98.5 The Sports Hub, seeing that the new station took out a huge chunk of the audience by carrying Patriots and Bruins games. I still think WEEI will reign supreme as No. 1, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Sports Hub stick around for a while.

For more information, check out the press release below:

August 25, 2009 (Boston) — Entercom New England announced today that, effective with the team’s game against the Chicago White Sox Wednesday evening, August 26th, all future Boston Red Sox games will be carried on WEEI 850 AM in Boston, the flagship station of the WEEI Sports Radio Network.

From 1995 to 2006, Red Sox games were carried exclusively on WEEI. In 2006, the games were shifted to Entercom sister station WRKO AM 680.

“We have a tremendously close partnership with the Red Sox, and are very excited to bring them back to WEEI,” said Jason Wolfe, Entercom New England’s Vice President of AM Programming. “This move will add consistency to our lineup, whereby all of our sports assets will be consolidated in the same place. There’s no better compliment to the Boston Celtics, Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday, Sunday Night and Monday Night NFL football, the Super Bowl and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, than adding Red Sox baseball back to nation’s biggest sports radio station.”

Added Julie Kahn, Entercom New England Market Manager/VP: “We’re delighted to bring the Red Sox back to their original home on WEEI.  The Red Sox and WEEI have a long history together and it’s a partnership that’s a win for all – WEEI, the Sox and the Boston sports fans.”

“Our partnership with Entercom ensures that Red Sox fans know where to go for the best, most compelling sports news and features on radio,” said Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino.  “Today’s announcement marks a return home for us, and now all of Red Sox Nation will know they can turn to WEEI to catch every Red Sox game all season long.”

WEEI is the nation’s highest rated sports radio station, a three time Marconi Award Winner, and home to Dennis and Callahan, Dale and Holley, The Big Show with Glenn Ordway and Planet Mikey with Mike Adams. The WEEI sports radio network includes the following stations:

WEEI-850 AM             Boston, MA

WEII-96.3 FM             Cape Cod, MA

WEEI-103.7 FM           Providence, RI

WVEI-105.5 FM           Springfield, MA

WVEI-1440 AM           Worcester, MA

WPEI 95.9 FM            Portland, ME

WEEY-93.5 FM            Keene, NH

WAEI-AM-910 AM / WAEI 97.1 FM            Bangor, ME

Entercom is one of the nation’s largest radio broadcasters with operations, pro forma for pending acquisitions, in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Portland, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Austin, Norfolk, Buffalo, New Orleans, Providence, Memphis, Greensboro, Rochester, Greenville/Spartanburg, Madison, Wichita, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Springfield and Gainesville/Ocala.

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3 comments for “Red Sox Radio Broadcasts to Return to WEEI”

  1. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them stick around for a while?”

    KC, you want to give the new station a little more credit?

    It’s doing just fine and is NOT, I repeat NOT going to be another “Zone”.

    What’s the matter with you, in all seriousness?

    The Hub still has a shot and WEEI sucks. End of story.

    98.5’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Posted by Mick | August 27, 2009, 1:02 pm
  2. Mick – Where do I disrespect the Sports Hub? It’s obvious WEEI felt threatened because the Sports Hub is legit, that’s why they put Sox games on WEEI permanently.

    It definitely wont be “The Zone” or ESPN 890 for that matter (I barely listened to either of them anyway).

    The Sports Hub definitely has a shot…I don’t think it’ll dethrone WEEI, but it is definitely going to steal listeners. I’ve listened to WEEI for years now…and it does not suck. It’s only the highest rated sports radio station in the ENTIRE COUNTRY!

    Toucher and Rich, while funny, have no business on a sports radio morning show. I think Zolak and Tanguay are decent competition to Dale and Holley. Felger and Mazz are good competition to the Big Show (I find myself switching back and forth). Damon Amandalara at night is way more informed about sports than Mike Adams. Did I suck up enough to 98.5 yet??

    What’s the matter with me? Nothing. You? Well…to be honest I think you work there, in all seriousness. End of story.

    Posted by KC | August 27, 2009, 5:53 pm
  3. Just one guy’s opinion, but I admittedly was a regular listener of WEEI – mostly because it was the only (sports) game in town (I was never into national radio with ESPN, and I admit I didn’t even know “The Zone” still existed – the one or two times I tuned in they had devolved to syndicated shows).

    While few would argue that Dennis and Callahan is more of a right-wing rant than sports program, worse than that it is most often just plain NEGATIVE and filled with bile (maybe that comes with the right-wing political territory, I don’t know). That said, when I discovered Toucher and Rich my mornings simply got better. Much better. Not only are they funny, I was amazed to find they are HYSTERICALLY funny – and refreshing, and self-deprecating. For the first time in ages, I’m laughing out loud during my morning drive, and actually feeling GOOD while getting my Pats and Sox fix. They may not be mensa-level sports historians, but who cares? Neither are D&C. They know enough, though, to create a wonderfully entertaining, laugh-out-loud morning show that still keeps a fine onus on sports. I’ll never go back to WEEI during the morning hours.

    As for Dale and Holley, they’re both decent enough guys, I’m sure, but I think anyone objective on the subject would agree it certainly isn’t the most compelling four hours of radio (if anything, Holley’s imagined hipness and ego can get grating). It IS subjective, but I definitely prefer Tanguay’s personality.

    For me, it just leaves the 2pm – 6pm slot, and I will check in during those hours over Felger – but only if The Big O is there. He’s really the only reason I’d tune back in to WEEI.

    Just one guy’s opinion, but I have to think there are many out there who quietly have shown agreement, simply by tuning in with 98.5 during the morning and afternoon hours. I think many will be surprised when the ratings finally are released. I have a feeling WEEI – for the first time in its sports broadcasting history – has some seriously formidable competition at hand.

    Whatever the case, thank God for REAL choice now…

    Posted by Todd | August 31, 2009, 3:46 pm

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