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Why Youk Whinin’? Shaughnessy Tells Us


After the usual boring intro in which he talks about Billy Mays, Ginsu knives, and goes “Hey look! Kevin Youkilis can play multiple positions,” everyone’s favorite Boston sports columnist breaks out his money quotes…

“I’m just annoyed with the media as a whole,” [Youk] said. “People write stuff about players on this team throughout the whole year and it’s been going on for years and people just keep writing crap.’’

We write crap because every so often, good guys like you give pissy, inarticulate little quotes like that one, Youk.

“One night we get beat and it’s the end of the world and the next night we win big and it’s totally solid. We’re back. It’s up and down. One night we’re getting bashed and the next time they’re cheering. One guy has a bad game one night and they’re all over him and the next night he has a good game and he’s a hero.”

Uh, Youk, how long have you been in Boston again? Nobody takes the sky-is-falling-crowd seriously, and the few who do are justly ostracized. Don’t worry your pretty bald head about it. The world of sports journalism is riddled with self-aggrandizing jerks who love to hear themselves say dramatic things. Anybody who pays them an iota of attention is wasting their time.

“The problem with the game and all sports . . . I understand everything’s not positive in this world. And negative stuff sells. But I come to the ballpark and go to a football game or basketball games. I don’t even think you can take kids to a game anymore. There’s so much negative yelling and screaming at players. People don’t even root for their team anymore. They just root against the opposition’s players. They’re so angry at people.

Youk, you’ve actually got a point here, but I question whether people are just rooting against the opposition. I think faithful fans have been giving good-humored — and not so good-humored — shit to their rivals since time immemorial. I think Youk’s point was that “hating the Yankees does not make you a Sox fan.” Fair enough. But it surely doesn’t disqualify you, either. As someone who loves the Sox and hates the Yankees (no kidding, really!) I feel like the two emotions are more or less inseparable.

It goes on like this, but it’s really just a kind of general whine. I understand that he’s got stuff to get off his chest, but don’t do it in front of Shaughnessy, because then he’ll come out with something as stupid as…

Youk sounds a little like Childe Nomar, circa 2004.

/coffee spit

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, SHAUGHNESSY?! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that one of the leading purveyors of misinformation about the Curse of the Bambino should be so eager to spring new hexes on New England.

In summary: Youk, quit your bellyaching and terrify more pitchers. We like it when you do that. Ignore the morons, or better yet, throw batting helmets at them. No jury of real Sox fans would convict you.

Shaughnessy, I’d like to give you some travel brochures for this wonderful little desert island. It’s name? Goh-phuk-ursylf. Lovely this time of year.

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  1. Why Youk Whinin’? Shaughnessy Tells Us: After the usual boring intro in which he talks about Billy Mays, Ginsu k..

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