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Advice for Bruins as Season Approaches

Tim Thomas and the Bruins are hoping for another strong season.

The regular season is almost here. The Bruins are 3-1-1 (7 out of 10 points; not bad) in the preseason with three games left to play (in Montreal, in Ottawa, and at home against Columbus).  Boston defeated Montreal on Sunday, should easily take out Ottawa, and took Columbus to the limit Tuesday. 6-1-1 for the preseason is not unfeasible. That would give give the B’s good momentum for next Thursday’s season opener at the TD Garden against Washington.

However, recent games against the Rangers and Blue Jackets have resulted in Boston giving up too much. The offensive half of the team is alright, though defense has been lacking, both giving up and netting 14 goals so far this preseason. Ten of the goals allowed have been split between the Rangers and Blue Jackets in Boston’s last meetings with them; continued performances like that can not continue if the Bruins want to be a contender.

With that in mind, here are some strategies the Bruins can use to boost their chances to lead the way this season:

How to Handle the Upcoming Season:

  • Do not allow many goals. One or two a game at most will allow the offense to more easily keep the game in hand while maximizing morale.
  • Keep the goals coming. At the end of the season, more victories (first tiebreaker) and more goals compared to opponents (third tiebreaker) will give the Bruins home rink advantage and hopefully the President’s Trophy (we’re still bitter at you, San Jose).
  • Promote and nurture a new line to account for Phil Kessel’s departure. Kessel’s fame shouldn’t lead the Bruins to believe no one else can perform just as well. And hopefully, Kessel’s presence won’t lead the Leafs to a playoff spot to challenge us. Besides, how intimidating of a mascot is a leaf anyway?
  • One game at a time. Forget about powerful opponents or even weak opponents until the game at hand is done with. It’s not like they won’t be waiting for us.
  • If all else fails, throw punches like Brock Lesnar in a UFC fight. It lets the opponents know you’re ready to take care of business and won’t be pushed around (and possibly creates an intimidation factor). What’s a five-minute penalty if it means a game victory?

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  1. Hi there,

    nice blog! I think the Bruins are looking solid going into the upcoming season. I think a lot of their success relies on whether or not Tim Thomas can have a career year like he did last year.

    As for losing Kessel 36 goals is tough to make up, guys like Milan Lucic and Blake Wheeler are going to have to produce big offensivley in order to make up for the Kessel loss.

    Posted by Dustin Pollack | September 24, 2009, 6:58 pm

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