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Roethlisberger Scores Big On Raw

Ben Roethlisberger with the WWE Divas after announcing the 'Diva Bowl'

Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was well-hyped heading into his stint as guest host on Monday Night Raw, and he lived up to it. The night started with “Big Ben” coming out to a mixture of cheers and boos (which he attributed to the mixture of Steelers and Eagles fans in attendance). His first official act in charge was to make a “Diva Bowl,” featuring 14 of WWE’s best divas in football outfits in a rather large tag match. It got quite hectic; Mickie James picked up the pin for her team, but with all the ladies running around few people (if any) really cared how the match ended.

Following the opening contest, the WWE Championship was brought into focus by new champ Randy Orton, who defeated Massachusetts’ own John Cena Sunday night. Cena came out soon afterwards and challenged Orton to a 60 minute iron man match for the title (in which whoever gets the most falls after 60 minutes becomes the champion). Orton responded with a challenge to a no disqualification, no count-out match for the title, with Cena leaving Raw if he lost. The two then agreed to combine the two sets of stipulations and will face off at the Bragging Rights Pay Per View on Sunday October 25th.

Roethlisberger could also be seen hanging out backstage the whole night, admiring his handiwork. At one point, reality star turned cocky superstar The Miz complained to Roethlisberger about losing the previous night in a United States title match, and demanded another match. He got his chance with the stipulation that he had to say “I’m The Miz and I’m awful” instead of his usual catchphrase, which uses the word “awesome” instead. It was a moot point, as Miz defeated Kofi Kingston for the title.

In what has been a normal occurrence with guest hosts, Roethlisberger was also interrupted by Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Big Show, who as usual insulted the host and the fans. This time, after mocking the Steelers’ offensive line, Roethlisberger called the champs’ bluff and brought the o-line out. The champs backed away, and were put in a match later in the night against DX. Jericho tried to run away from the match too, but was surrounded by his opponents and the Pittsburgh Steelers, quickly leading to a DX victory and a DX / Steelers celebration to end the night.

Once again, a Boston sports rival hosted raw without mentioning John Cena or any of our teams. Maybe he didn’t want to bring it up off the field, or maybe he just wanted to relax a little after knocking off the Chargers to pull within a game of the Ravens and Bengals. Either way, Roethlisberger had a great night in charge of Raw and looks to make things interesting in the AFC North this year.

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  1. Roethlisberger Scores Big On Raw: Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was well-hyped heading into his stin..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | October 6, 2009, 7:52 am
  2. love your recap John. Sounds like a rollicking good time at RAW once again.

    Posted by LLB | October 6, 2009, 5:43 pm

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