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Getting Swept Up With the ALDS

Angels Celebration

Something isn’t right. This was supposed to be easy, wasn’t it? I mean, this was the Red Sox; they always beat the Angles in the postseason. Waking up Monday, there was the bad taste of defeat in Red Sox Nation, but worse, the hometown team fell via the sweep.

You really have to give it to the Angles. Their fans were forced to hear about their past struggles. Being swept twice and only winning one game against the Sox in October this decade must have been horrible. They might have home field advantage this year, but that didn’t help them last season. Every Sox fan was already looking ahead, talking about a showdown against the Yankees, but now it will have to wait.

It’s not even that the Sox lost the series, but how the lost. They didn’t score a run in Game 1. They gave away runs in the seventh inning of Game 2. Then, star closer Jonathan Papelbon blew the ninth inning and the Sox season in Game 3. They only had eight total hits in Games 1 and 2 in Anaheim. Wasn’t this supposed to be a dangerous offense? What happened?

Early this year, the bullpen was amazing. Then after struggling down the wire, they acquired Billy Wagner and everything was supposed to be perfect again. However, the relievers blew games in the postseason like they were pitching for the Pirates. Now the team will have a long offseason to evaluate their players and decide who will stay, and who will go.

New England fans have been spoiled. We have seen the Patriots roll, the Celtics dominate and the Red Sox return to be an annual powerhouse. However, with the sweep it feels like a punch in the gut. In every aspect the Angles were a better team and fully deserved to win. I do not want to sound bitter or take anything away from Los Angeles.

The Red Sox looked like a Triple A team. Their MVP Dustin Pedroia went 2 for 12 in the series with two RBI. David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis combined to go 2 for 24. The only two guys to have multiple hit games were Jacoby Ellsbury (Game 2) and Mike Lowell (Game 3). Their key free agent coming up this offseason, Jason Bay, had one hit in the whole series. There were no big bats and only one home run, courtesy of J.D. Drew. Where was the power? This was not the Red Sox we were used to.

The Red Sox have done their fair share of sweeping and now the tables have been turned. It must feel good for Angles fans to be able to gloat that their team not only won, but dominated two games and had a great comeback in the final one, against one of their star pitchers. They’re playing for one of their fallen teammates, Nick Adenhart, and should they keep playing like they did in the ALDS, they will be a hard team to beat.

Fans shouldn’t take it too hard. We have seen the Sox win two World Series this decade, and both were sweeps against St. Louis and Colorado. It’s hard to watch your team get manhandled, but there can always be a silver lining here. Ownership and management can look to shake up the team, bring in fresh blood, and make another push next season.

This sweep will have lingering affects and will be on the memory for some time. It’s like a black eye; it hurts now, but it will get better. Keep wearing your Sox hats and your jerseys. Hold your head up and remember, (get ready for the worst saying in sports…) there’s always next season.

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