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Five Eagle Eyed Thoughts on Week 6

The defensive line is getting no pressure on the quarterback nor any hands on running backs.

After BC’s debacle at Virginia Tech, they look forward to a visit from Tom O’Brien and the NC State Wolfpack. Here are some observations from last week.

Despite a horrendous day at quarterback, Dave Shinskie looks like he will start again

A few players say they see no need to change QBs and that the offensive line’s lack of protection had just as much to do with the terrible performance as did Shinskie’s play. For the record, Shinskie threw twelve passes with only one completion to his own team and two to Virginia Tech. The pick-six Shinskie threw in his red zone was unforgivable as he stared down his receiver the entire play and everyone in the stadium knew where it was going. This recurring problem should trouble Eagle fans as he doesn’t have the presence of mind to check down to other receivers or is under too much pressure and does not have enough time to throw to anyone else. If the latter is the problem, why not put QB Justin Tuggle in to buy some time?  Wasn’t Tuggle benched for putting up the same type of performance at Clemson? It seems a little unfair to give Shinskie a longer leash.

Boston College needs to improve the defensive line

I am almost positive Tyrod Taylor did not get touched in the pocket for the entire first half and it showed by how comfortable and poised he stood. His stats don’t look overly impressive (7-12, 126 yards, and two touchdowns), but he dominated the game with his arm. I understand that Boston College started two new guys on their beat up line, but it looked like Varsity versus JV. RB Ryan Williams looked like his hero Walter Payton out there gaining ten yards a clip through gaping holes and large patches of open grass. We knew there would be a drop off when B.J. Raji and Ron Brace left, but you’d expect BC to still have some size and speed behind them.

Mike Marscovetra wasn’t bad

He broke the shutout with a bomb to Colin Larmond and had a nice final drive with a fourth down touchdown pass (granted they were both against the second string defense). He always seemed like the third wheel to Shinskie and Tuggle and played sparingly until Virginia Tech. He’s got nice size and a good arm, so it makes you wonder if he just came in too late (this summer) to compete for the spot from the get go. If this year starts to go down hill, I see no reason why we can’t find out if Marscovetra can be the quarterback of the future.

The Boston College offensive line continues to play unimpressively

More than once, a BC quarterback couldn’t even look down field before being hit. Montel Harris couldn’t get past the line of scrimmage most the day and Josh Haden continued to struggle. Four false start penalties stalled an offense already going nowhere. They need to improve quickly or start substituting new faces as Frank Spaziani did in parts of the second quarter. Although only C Matt Tennant will graduate after this year, the line has a ton of returning starters on it right now with Anthony Castonzo, Rich Lapham, and Thomas Claiborne. Offensive Line U needs to start living up to its name.

BC vs. NC State has make or break written all over it for both teams

It looks like the Atlantic Division will be won with a 5-3 record and both teams already have two losses. Boston College would need to reel off three straight wins while NC State would need five straight wins, a virtual impossibility, to take the division. Look for Tom O’Brien to pull out all the stops against his former rival who he has lost to each of the last two years. Expect Spaziani to run the ball down NC State’s throat will the BC defense reaffirms itself in a slugfest.  My prediction: BC 17, NC State 10.

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