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TGIF: Jack Del Rio Benches Mike Sims-Walker and Screws Everyone Else

Mike Sims-Walker

If you are one of the lucky ones to be in on the Mike Sims-Walker craze, then you have been benefiting from his fantastic play over the past few weeks. The second-year WR had hauled in 19 catches for 278 yds and 3 TD from week 2 to week 4. I myself am a Sims-Walker owner, and I had him starting for my team last Sunday during week 5.

At the end of the day, I checked the box scores and my team, and to my surprise, Sims-Walker had not been a factor in the offense that day. To be blunt, he recorded no catches thus leaving me with a big, fat, zero points from him. What happened?

As it turns out, there was a very good excuse for Sims-Walker doing nothing on the field…he wasn’t even on it. Sims-Walker missed the game entirely. Oh no! Was he injured? Is he alright? Should I run to free agency and pick up another WR? The panic attack was set aside as we all found out that he wasn’t injured at all. So why didn’t he play?

On the Friday night before the game, Sims-Walker missed bed check at the team hotel. He was meeting up with a lady friend and lost track of time (he was getting laid). So for an act so inexcusable, Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio decided to suspend Sims-Walker for last Sunday’s game. This disciplinary action caused the Jaguars to be without their best receiver and become a one-dimensional offense. The end result was a loss to Seattle in embarrassing fashion by the score of 41-0.

The suspension of Sims-Walker not only affected your fantasy squad’s WR corps, but it also had a ripple effect on the Jaguars offense. Without their leading WR, the passing game was completely absent.

In the small sample size, it is clear that QB David Garrard is useless without Sims-Walker. In Week 1, Sims-Walker didn’t record a pass thanks in large part to playing behind Troy Williamson. So, in games where Sims-Walker is the #1 WR on the field, Garrard has a QB rating around 95.0 with 5 TD, 1 INT and 819 yds in three games. In the games without Sims-Walker’s help, Garrard is 32-59 for 310 yds and zero passing TD.

When the passing game fails, that means the running game will stall as well. Without Sims-Walker, Maurice Jones-Drew has rushed for 131 yds on 33 carries (just under 4.0 ypc). In three games with Sims-Walker as the #1 WR, MJD has 199 rush yds and 4 TD. Jones-Drew can’t run the ball if Jacksonville can’t spread the field with a passing game, and with their best receiver not playing, there is no passing game. Not to mention, when Jacksonville can’t score points and they fall behind, they refuse to run the ball, which lowers Mojo’s stock even further.

Basically, if you are a Sims-Walker owner, you were royally screwed over last Sunday. If you are a Jones-Drew or Garrard owner, then you were royally screwed over last Sunday.

Now, I can understand Jack Del Rio wanting to send a message to the rest of his team and let them know that violation of team rules and conduct will not be tolerated. But come on, it is not like Sims-Walker was in possession of cocaine or anything *cough* Matt Jones *cough*. I think a small fine would have been right.

Seriously, your team was 2-2 and you desperately needed a win to keep up with Indianapolis, and you took your best playmaker off the team? As a result, you got blown out 41-0 and are one game further away from the Colts.

Luckily, the suspension was just for the one game and Sims-Walker should be good to go Sunday against St. Louis. The Rams have allowed the second-most points in football (146), so all Jaguars players should be in your lineups.

Unless of course Sims-Walker needs to have sex that badly. In which case, we are all screwed.

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