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Marbury Won’t Play This Season, to Return in 2010-2011

New 24-hour reality star Stephon Marbury has decided to “shut everything down” and for now has no plans to play in the NBA this season. In the offseason, Marbury rejected a one-year deal at the veteran minimum ($1.3 million) from the Celtics in did not actively pursue employment elsewhere.

“I’m resting, doing what Michael Jordan did, enjoy life, do things I haven’t done in 16 years, keep building my empire,” Marbury told the New York Post. “I wasn’t going to Boston for that money. It was a prudent business decision to take off this year.”

Marbury and Michael Jordan in the same sentence?

Moving on…Marbury plans to play in the 2010-2011 season if any team wants him. He’ll be 33 when next season starts, and after another year out of pro basketball, what will he bring to any team? Don’t expect any offer over the veteran minimum, unless the Oakland Raiders join  the NBA.

Marbury plans to buy a ticket to the Knicks home opener on Oct. 31, but doesn’t understand why anyone else would pay for a ticket.

“I’m just talking as a fan and New Yorker who grew up loving the Knicks: Why would I give you my money to watch them?” Marbury said. “This is atrocious. Guys coming down court, just raising up 3-pointers from anywhere. The coaching is horrible. What kind of coaching is this?”

Despite having nothing to do with the situation, Marbury offered his take on LeBron James and his expiring contract.

“LeBron isn’t coming to a rebuilding team,” Marbury said of the Knicks. “Why would he come to a rebuilding team? It makes no sense. Is this franchise built to win a championship or to make money?”

All I see is a lot of hate, and a lot of animosty from Marbury toward the Knicks over their messy divorce last season. If he can ever get over what transpired, he still has some skill left and can still help an NBA squad. An athletic ball-handler who can create his own shot? Sign me up, as long as he’s not the Starbury of old.

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2 comments for “Marbury Won’t Play This Season, to Return in 2010-2011”

  1. Well, it’s easy to see why Marbury wouldn’t think of playing for $1.3 million a year. Just do the math. Let’s figure 82 games plus preseason plus practices throughout the year. That gives us about 100 games total. Further, let’s be generous and say Marbury would play about 20 minutes per game. Now we’re up to a season consisting of 2000 minutes of “work”. Divide that by 60 and you get a total of 33.3 hours per regular season. Now let’s divide that into $1.3 million, and Marbury’s hourly rate would be a mere $40,000 (rounded off) per HOUR to play basketball. Now how could any self respecting athlete be expected to put up with a mere pittance like that?

    I might add that my social security payments are approximately $12,000 a year. SO it takes me 3 1/3 years to reach what Marbury could make for one hour of basketball. My heart bleeds for his pain.

    Posted by Ken | October 19, 2009, 7:32 am
  2. hahaha. It’s so sad isn’t it? Man, Marbury really has it tough…

    Posted by KC | October 20, 2009, 5:15 am

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