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NBA Picks 2009-2010

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Ten top Sports of Boston experts are competing in the SoB NBA Pick ‘Em this go-around, in what promises to be an intriguing NBA season. At least five NBA teams have legitmate shots to win the NBA Title, and remarkably, three of them are in the Eastern Conference (Cavaliers, Celtics, Magic), with the other two teams hanging high out West (Lakers, Spurs).

The rest of the league, however, is quite difficult to judge. It seems that teams are going to play like crazy just for this season because most of their rosters will be gutted come June. Why? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the NBA free agent frenzy of 2010! Remember, LeBron is going to sign with the Knicks because they play in New York? Oh brother…

Speaking of the Knicks, they don’t appear anywhere on our picks. Surprised? You better not be.

The Rules

  • Picking the division champions correctly will earn a player two points. Note: The three division champs and the top Wild Card team in each conference are seeded 1-4 by record, followed by the rest of the teams in order of record. Theoretically, a team could finish second in their division (and finish as the top Wild Card team), but ahead of other division winners by record in the conference.
  • If a player chooses a team to win the division, but they don’t and still make the playoffs, that’s worth one point.
  • Players then picked teams for the rest of the playoffs in each conference. Doing so correctly will earn the player one point.
  • If a player chooses a team to make the playoffs but not win the division…and that team wins their division, that is still worth one point.
  • Teams picked to make the playoffs that actually miss the playoffs are worth zero points.

Earning Extra Credit

Competitors will receive extra credit for predicting teams to finish in exact playoff seeds. What does that mean?

  • So, if a player selected the Celtics to be the top seed, and they finish as the top seed, he/she will be awarded eight extra points.
  • If a player chooses the Cavaliers to be the No. 2 seed, and they finish as the No. 2 seed, he/she will be awarded seven extra points.
  • Likewise, if a player chooses the Wizards to be the eighth seed, and they are the eighth seed, he/she will be awarded one extra point.
  • If a player chooses the Celtics to be the top seed, and they end up as the No. 2 or No. 3 seed (or worse), then he/she receives no extra credit. The extra credit only applies if the team appears in the exact chosen spot.
  • Players can earn a maximum of 72 extra points (36 per conference), and a maximum of 94 points overall.

Now, without further ado…the picks:

EAST A.J. Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike P. Nate Pete Teddy
#1* Celtics Cavaliers Celtics Celtics Magic Celtics Celtics Magic Cavaliers Celtics
#2* Cavaliers Celtics Cavaliers Magic Cavaliers Magic Magic Celtics Celtics Cavaliers
#3* Magic Magic Magic Cavaliers Celtics Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers Magic Magic
#4 Hawks Hawks Hawks Bulls Hawks Hawks Bulls Hawks Hawks Bulls
#5 Bulls Wizards Bulls Hawks Bulls Bulls Hawks Bulls Pacers Hawks
#6 Heat Heat Heat Heat 76ers Heat 76ers Heat Heat Wizards
#7 Raptors Bulls 76ers Raptors Wizards Raptors Raptors 76ers Pistons Heat
#8 Wizards Pacers Raptors Pistons Pistons Wizards Heat Raptors Bulls Pistons
WEST A.J. Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike P. Nate Pete Teddy
#1* Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Spurs
#2* Spurs Spurs Spurs Spurs Nuggets Spurs Nuggets Blazers Spurs Lakers
#3* Jazz Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets Mavericks Nuggets Spurs Spurs Blazers Jazz
#4 Nuggets Blazers Jazz Blazers Spurs Jazz Blazers Nuggets Mavericks Mavericks
#5 Hornets Jazz Mavericks Mavericks Jazz Blazers Hornets Mavericks Nuggets Hornets
#6 Suns Suns Blazers Jazz Blazers Hornets Mavericks Hornets Hornets Blazers
#7 Mavericks Hornets Hornets Hornets Clippers Mavericks Warriors Jazz Rockets Clippers
#8 Blazers Clippers Suns Clippers Hornets Suns Thunder Suns Suns Thunder

If you’d like to join in on the Pick ‘Em, comment and submit your picks below!

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