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Maybe Two Drews are Better Than One

Stephen Drew would privide some offense from the shortstop position while teaming up with his brother J.D. on the Red Sox. (Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI)

As the Red Sox continue to look for a shortstop for the time being, even with Dustin Pedroia now being rumored, a brother of one current Red Sox player could head to Boston to fill in the vacancy. That man is Stephen Drew, the younger brother of right fielder J.D. Drew. The younger Drew currently plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and he would provide more offense for the Sox, rather than stabilize the defense like Alex Gonzalez would have done.

The Better Drew?

Stephen Drew has a very similar swing to his brother and most analysts covet J.D.’s swing because it is so smooth. Stephen would bring on a very identical bat to his brother while also playing more and at a position the Sox need. Stephen played in more games in one season (150 games) than his brother ever has in a single season (145), and he did it in his second year in the majors and then again the year after (152). Oh and he’d cost a lot less. Stephen made $1.5 million last season, J.D. made $14 million.

J.D. does make more money and he does put up better numbers, but Stephen could catch up to his brother soon. He has 50 homers in his first four years in the majors, J.D. had 63. Stephen so far has 215 RBIs in his career, J.D. had 182 in his first four years. Stephen is a career .270 hitter, J.D. has a career average of .283.

Stephen is a good shortstop who is only 26-years-old and could blossom into one of the best hitting middle-infielders in the game. I don’t know if it’s the best idea having brothers on the same team, but it could never hurt to find out. Who knows, it could make both J.D. and Stephen better as it could create a friendly competition amongst the two of them, or it could create a lot of controversy in the locker room. Who knows though.

He is not a bad fielder either, as he holds a career-fielding percentage of .976 and this past season had a percentage of .980. The almighty defensive-minded Gonzalez only has a career-fielding percentage of .970. So, that makes you think that maybe someone like Stephen would be suitable enough to cover the shortstop position both offensively and defensively. He is young too, so if the Sox were to obtain his services, then maybe he can stick around for a few years.

What Would it Take to Get Stephen Drew?

It would probably cost the Sox a lot to obtain him, though. He is a young talent who is poised to be around the league for years to come. I say give the D’Backs Lars Anderson and Manny Delcarmen for S. Drew. They shouldn’t need more than a couple players to get the deal done; Drew isn’t getting paid much and isn’t a top-tier player (yet).

Although I don’t think this acquisition will happen, it would be very interesting to see if it actually did. Two brothers on the same team, who also have very similar swings, could be lethal for opposing pitchers.

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4 comments for “Maybe Two Drews are Better Than One”

  1. Where did this rumor come from? I’ve seen almost every rumor coming across the hot stove and Stephen never came up.

    Why would the Diamondbacks get rid of such a player? What would be their incentive?

    Normally, I like to withhold judgement… but this article sucks… balls. I await your reply

    Posted by Bill | December 4, 2009, 3:54 pm
  2. The rumor came from the Globe…
    First, it was discovered on RealGM:

    RealGM picked up the story from the Globe:

    So there, Bill. That’s where it came from. If they get overwhelmed with a deal, they’d definitely trade him. Albert Pujols is closest thing to an “untouchable player” anyway…

    Posted by KC | December 5, 2009, 12:22 pm
  3. Bill,

    You can check out or and both of those notable posts show that the Diamondbacks “might” be shopping Drew, it never says that they will be.
    Now that the Sox have Marco Scutaro at short it is highly unlikely that Theo will even be looking at someone like Stephen Drew, but you never know.
    Arizona would get rid of player like him because of how far down his stats went over this past season and they want to see his worth on the market. Like the Red Sox found out, there isn’t much out there for shortstops and I am sure Arizona knows that as well. If they could get some good prospects for Drew then I think they would make the trade.
    These are all rumors of course and Theo never comes out and gives away what he plans on doing.

    Posted by Greg | December 5, 2009, 9:39 pm
  4. Far from sucking (balls) most people (at least myself) read these articles for the content of what is in them. I knew nothing about Stephen Drew other than that he is related to Soxer J.D. And now I know just about all I need to. I also think the author “Greg” was not implying that the Sox have a trade deal coming out for S.Drew, or that the D’backs want to get rid of him… I believe it was just an opinionated article filled with numerous facts. So the next time, “Bill”, you decide to use provocative “this article sucks balls” on a well written, informational piece that other people find entertaining, I’d hold your tongue. Also, I wouldn’t demand sources without doing some research yourself.

    I think this is a great article Greg. I wish we could be friends and talk further about Boston Sports, it seems you have extreme passion for everything you comment on, thank you for providing to us fans.

    Posted by Anita Bath | December 5, 2009, 10:17 pm

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