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NFL Tidbits: Colts, AFC Playoffs and More.

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NFL NEWS AND NOTES: These are a couple tidbits for the New England and NFL fan. With the NFL season winding down, records are being broken and playoff spots are being earned. Here’s a look at what’s cooking around the league.


Why would diehard Patriot fans be thankful toward the New York Jets? Because New York saved the last record for New England that Indianapolis seemed to be steamrolling through.

First it was the 21 game win streak, which The Colts bumped up to 23. Then Indianapolis locked in the most wins of the decade, earning them votes for team of the decade. Then there was this. Only the New England Patriots have won 15 straight games to start the season. Even those 1972 Dolphins only won 14, which was the number of regular season games back in the day.

By sitting Peyton Manning, the Jets were able to do what no other team has done this season, beat the Colts. New York was playing for their playoff lives, but in the process, kept one record in tact for New England. The Patriots are still the only team to go 16-0 in the regular season, and for one more season, they can be the ones popping the champagne. Take that Mercury Morris!


Here is what we know so far in the AFC. The Colts and Chargers get a first round bye. The Patriots and Bengals won their division and get a home game. Then it all goes to hell. There are so many situations for a team to earn a Wild Card spot that the NFL might have to go to tie breaking procedure number 12. A coin toss. I am not kidding, look it up. In the NFL can’t figure it out, they will pull out a quarter and it will come to that. Miami would love to see that happen.

The Ravens, Jets, Broncos, Steelers, Texans, Jaguars and Dolphins are all mathematically alive. The simplest way for it to end would be for Baltimore and New York to win, but does it ever end that way. Without going into to much detail, here is how each team can makes its way to the postseason.

-Ravens and Jets: Win and their in, or everyone else has to lose.

-Broncos: Need Baltimore or New York to lose, or else then need Pittsburgh to lose and Houston to win. It all has to do with the division and conference records important with tie breaking procedures. Pretty much, they’re hoping the Jets or Ravens drop the ball.

-Steelers: They need Houston to lose and for New York and Baltimore to drop one.

-Texans: Need both New York and Baltimore to lose, or one of the two plus Denver to lose, otherwise the Texans will miss out on their first playoff appearance.

-Jaguars: Jacksonville needs more help then the others. Four of the five teams above need to lose, for them to even have a chance. Anything can happen in the NFL, but with many teams taking a break for the playoffs, it’ll be highly unlikely Jacksonville sneaks in.

-Dolphins: They might as well pack it in. They need to win and for every other team to lose. In other words, see you next season Miami.


New England is 5-3 against the teams mentioned above and have beaten all expect for Denver (lost), Pittsburgh, (didn’t play) and Houston (play Sunday). Any team that makes the playoffs this week will have momentum. However, this will be an exhausting weeks of game for many teams, giving it all they got to ensure a win. Still, New England did just beat the Jaguars 35-7 last week. So that would be my pick. However, it nothing changes in the standings, they will play the Jets in the rubber match. What better way to start the playoffs then a division match-up between hated rivals?


-With the Minnesota loss on Monday night, the Saints now have home field advantage in the NFC. So if you want to go to Miami, first you’ll have to go through New Orleans.

-How ’bout them Cowboys? With a win Sunday, the Cowboys will win the NFC East and rid themselves of their December woes. On top of that, they can get a first round bye should they win and the Vikings lose.

-Tennessee’s Chris Johnson is only 128 yards shy of 2,000. He would only be the sixth running back in history with 2,000. On top of that, he’s 234 yards shy of Eric Dickerson’s NFL record of 2,105. With the Titans having nothing to play for, expect them to do everything possible to make sure Johnson gets the record.

-Remember, there are no Thursday or Monday games this week. Everything is Sunday to keep if fair for the postseason.

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