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2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Wildcard Round

Who will pick the most winners in 2010's bracket? (

It’s that time of year again. The NFL playoff schedule is set, and it a lot of drama to get there. Dallas racked up consecutive shutouts (over Washington and Philadelphia) for the first time in franchise history. It looks like their December/January slump might be over. We also saw Wes Welker go down for the year with a torn ACL and MCL, but based on the SoB collective, Julian Edelman (or as the media has been calling him, a Wes Welker Clone) should fill in nicely, at least against the Ravens. And if your name is Mike, then you’re an ornithologist, because you like the Cardinals.

In addition to picking winners of the games, the 11 expert participants also picked how many touchdowns both teams combined in each game would get, and home many yards the games top passer would throw for.

  • Correctly picking the winner of a game is worth two points.
  • Picking the number of combined touchdowns to within one is worth one point, or two points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the top passer’s passing yard total to within 50 is worth one point, or two points if guessed to within 10.
  • Any incorrect pick is worth zero points.
Name Winner TDs Pass Yards Winner TDs Pass Yards Winner TDs Pass Yards Winner TDs Pass Yards
Andrew Ravens 5 225 Bengals 4 215 Cowboys 6 265 Packers 7 275
Brian Patriots 5 280 Jets 4 225 Eagles 7 330 Packers 5 345
Erikk Patriots 4 210 Bengals 5 225 Cowboys 5 320 Packers 5 240
George Patriots 5 335 Jets 3 235 Cowboys 9 350 Packers 7 350
Jeff Patriots 6 323 Bengals 5 287 Eagles 8 356 Packers 9 340
John Patriots 5 227 Jets 4 194 Cowboys 6 282 Packers 6 322
KC Patriots 3 350 Bengals 5 230 Cowboys 3 300 Packers 4 350
Mike C Patriots 5 150 Bengals 6 200 Cowboys 7 215 Cardinals 4 225
Mike P Ravens 5 290 Jets 6 235 Cowboys 8 345 Cardinals 6 290
Pete Patriots 7 290 Jets 5 240 Cowboys 8 300 Packers 7 340
Teddy Patriots 5 310 Bengals 3 225 Eagles 6 335 Packers 5 360

P.S. NFL Fantasy Pick ‘Em also hosted a Pick ‘Em, where participants picked one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, and one team’s defense from the pool of all players in all games in a week. Points are allotted based on how each pick performed. Players can be switched out between weeks, but if they are left in any points they earned are doubled, tripled, then quadrupled for successive weeks. SoB also has a Pick ‘Em on, though with only four SoB experts, that Pick ‘Em is a little less popular. The rest of the picks will be given when NFL’s host site makes them publicly available, or when the participants divulge them.

Name QB RB RB WR WR TE K Defense
Andrew Aaron Rodgers (Packers) Ray Rice (Ravens) Marion Barber (Cowboys) Randy Moss (Patriots) Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) Jason Witten (Cowboys) David Akers (Eagles) Ravens
John Tony Romo (Cowboys) Marion Barber (Cowboys) Thomas Jones (Jets) Julian Edelman (Patriots) Randy Moss (Patriots) Jermichael Finley (Packers) Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) Jets
KC Aaron Rodgers (Packers) Ryan Grant (Packers) Ray Rice (Ravens) Julian Edelman (Patriots) Miles Austin (Cowboys) Jermichael Finley (Packers) Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) Packers
Mike C Tom Brady (Patriots) Brian Westbrook (Eagles) Thomas Jones (Jets) Randy Moss (Patriots) Jerricho Cotchery (Jets) Tony Curtis (Ravens) Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) Packers

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  1. If I calc’d this right, I lost by a point despite being the only entry with all four playoff games correctly picked. I got the outcomes I expected, but apparently not the types of games I thought we’d get.

    Posted by Mike | January 10, 2010, 8:12 pm

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