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Five Easy Steps to Enjoying the Patriots-Ravens Game

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Of course the Patriots drew the toughest possible matchup in the first round according to my own list. You didn’t think I would read anyone else’s work did you? On top of that, Wes Welker injures himself (yes you read that right) and possibly takes himself out for not only the playoffs, but the entire 2010 season. Talk about a head start!

With these developments you can imagine the attitude of Boston’s finest radio personalities. I heard everything from “the Patriots game against the Ravens doesn’t matter because they can’t beat the Chargers” to “the Ravens will win because they should have won back in Week 4.”

Amidst all this negativity surrounding the Patriots this week, there is still a way to remain optimistic going into Sunday afternoon’s match-up and I will tell you how with my five easy steps to enjoying the Patriots vs. Ravens first round playoff game.

  1. Home sweet home. The Patriots’ struggles on the road have been well documented, but it’s been business as usual at home for Brady and the gang. Tom Brady has won 22 straight home games (including the postseason) and has a career 8-0 home record in the postseason. Just remember those stats and you should be in a good place before the game kicks off.
  2. Perfection. The Patriots can’t lose to the Ravens as they are a perfect 5-0 against them. Yeah, a lot of the games are close and maybe the Pats needed some help from the refs…cough, 2007, cough…but at the end of the day it’s always New England that ends up on top. Why should it stop now?
  3. In Brady we trust. Sure, we may not have a lot of confidence in our defense, but last time I checked we still have Tom Brady under center, Randy Moss catching touchdowns, and Bill Belichick calling plays from the sideline. If that can’t make you feel good about the Patriots’ chances then you probably have no hope for this weekend.
  4. Edelman is just like Welker. I know everyone has made this comparison, but it’s because it’s true. Edelman’s receiving style is almost identical to Welker’s as both rely on quick cuts to make defenders miss. Obviously, Welker’s talent is far above that of Edelman’s, but if you can just train your brain to see Welker everytime Edelman catches a ball, then you may not even miss him at all. If only it were that simple…
  5. Keep those commemorative DVDs nearby. On the off chance that the Patriots lose this game you are going to need immediate comfort. What better way to forget the present than to watch the glorious past of the Patriots? Those DVDs will remind you how good it used to be and to not take it for granted because we may never see a team like that ever again. Oh, and make sure you have all three handy because you can never watch too much glory.

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  1. Im sure the Patriots wont forget this ass kicking they got today.

    Posted by Ravens | January 11, 2010, 12:08 am

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