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Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl Party

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Sure the big game is later today. Many people have planned their parties for months now, but there’s no reason why you too can’t be the man on the big day. There are many different ways to throw a party. You can be the big spender, or make it more traditional and cheaper. Just remember that the right food and drink can save the day, should the game be a blowout.


The Low-Key Party: Keep it simple. Family is most likely the only ones involved, especially if you have young kids. You can spend the day talking football with fathers, brothers and sisters. What better way to have a family reunion then to ignore them all day and watch a TV?

The Traditional Party: Call up the buddies. Bring your closest bros over to your place for some good ol’ fashioned male bonding. Their girlfriends and wives are welcomed, they will keep busy and off your butt. Hopefully.

The Blitzkrieg Party: Everyone you know should be there. Friends, family, coworkers and neighbors all have to be there to prove that you are the most popular guy in the world. They can all get to know each other during pre-game activities. You want coworkers to talk about this party the next day, friends to reminisces all the time and in the end you will set the standards for parties.


The Low-Key Party: The Living/Family room. Where everyone can be comfy and relax. If you have your lucky chair sit there while the rest of the family fights over the best couch position (it’s in the middle in front of the coffee table, where the snacks should be).

The Traditional Party: In your man room. If you don’t have your man room then the basement. Where ever you and your dude-guys can relax and be men. There should be a fridge close (we’ll get to that later) and a bathroom within running distance cause you can’t miss the game, or the commercials.

The Blitzkrieg Party: Everywhere. Your kitchen, dining room, basement and deck are all options for guests to mingle. Then you move into your TV room where your brand new 60 inch hi-def 1080 with digital cable is the model of perfection for any football viewing. They do not have to know its a rental from Aarons. (remember we’re in a recession).


The Low-Key Party: Time to dust off the football. Get everyone outside, no matter the weather, and throw the old pigskin around. There’s no better way to celebrate the Suepr Bowl then to pretend you might get drafted this year by outplaying little kids.

The Traditional Party: Most likely you’ll be in the basement, perfect time to pull out your copy of Madden 2010. If you have enough guys, start a tournament. The only rule, you can only pick between the Colts and Saints. Still in college? Then bring out the ‘ruit table, just remember it’s a long day.

The Blitzkrieg Party: Do not just have an average game of football. Make sure you have a mini-field, complete with team end zones. You can mark downs using Colts and Saints balloons. Before the game gets going, make sure to take the bets. There is no better way to celebrate the Super Bowl then with some friendly gambling.


The Low-Key Party: Start with some chips, preferably Doritos and Fritos. Then you can not go wrong with some pizzas. Kids will love it and it’s on the cheap side. You can get a large pie for about ten bucks, but remember, if you’re getting it delivered it will take some time. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, then Chinese food can be substituted.

The Traditional Party: Start out with some surefire hits. Bean dip, guacamole, and cocktail weenies are the best way to begin. Always have chips laying around, make sure you got some tortillas for that guac. Then get ready to grill with some burgers and sausages. If you have the time, get a chili going. You’ll have to start early, but by kickoff you’ll look like Bobby Flay offering up bowls of the good stuff.

The Blitzkrieg Party: Go regional. The Super Bowl is in Miami so you should start by having mounds of gulf shrimp and stone crab claws. Pizza’s are no good here. Try frying up some grouper, a Florida favorite. However, you should offer some New Orleans and Indianapolis cuisine. Jambalaya and Buffalo Burgers will show your dedication to the game by offering food from the two cities competing. Finish off with some beignets. They are New Orleans doughnuts and they are delicious.


The Low-Key Party: Surrounded by kids and grandparents, sodas will be the main feature. Have a variety. Coke, Orange, Grape and of course Dr. Pepper. Keep a flask nearby, or it will be a long night.

The Traditional Party: BEER. What else in the world would you be serving? Ice Tea? Grab some Budweiser or Coors. Really want to impress your friends try some Sam Adams. Better yet? Grab a pony keg of PBR. While beer shopping, just keep in the back of you mind that this is America’s game, so drink some American beer.

The Blitzkrieg Party: Got Miami Style. Land Shark Lager (remember, early this season the stadium was called Land Shark Stadium) or Key West Lager, it’s harder to get, but delicious. Then to really go all out, grab the blender and start churning out Margaritas, with or without salt. Still, you want this to be the best part every. Toss everyone a Caipirnha. The national drink of Brazil has quickly become the toast of Miami. You’ll need to get yourself some Brazilian Rum, but in the end your guests will be planning on coming back next year!

Should it be with family, friends or the entire neighborhood, just remember to have fun and keep it safe on Sunday. If you invite Saints and Colts fans over, make sure they stay away from each other, especially if it’s a blowout. Be smart. If people are drinking, don’t let them drive. The Super Bowl is about having fun and watching the greatest sporting event of the year, just make sure you don’t forget the beer!

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  1. I suggest Spicy Nacho Doritos, if you can find them. And Pineapple soda from Stop & Shop, to protest the Pro Bowl being moved away from Hawaii.

    Posted by John | February 7, 2010, 6:48 pm

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