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2010 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman Rankings

Mark Reynolds

First base has the luxury of being one of the deepest talent pools in fantasy baseball. Twelve 1B crack Yahoo!’s top 50 players, which speaks volumes for the production that can be found at the position. This of course indicates that grabbing a 1B early in your drafts is not essential. However, some of the best talent in the game is at this position, so waiting around may not be an option. Oh what a conundrum!

Our team of bloggers are back for another round of player rankings. Heed our warnings now and be prepared for upcoming drafts. Without further delay, our 2010 first baseman rankings.

  Pete KC Mike C. George Brian
1. Albert Pujols Albert Pujols  Albert Pujols Albert Pujols  Albert Pujols
2. Ryan Howard Ryan Howard Prince Fielder Prince Fielder  Prince Fielder
3. Prince Fielder Prince Fielder Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera  Ryan Howard
4. Mark Teixeira Miguel Cabrera Adrian Gonzalez Mark Teixeira Miguel Cabrera
5. Miguel Cabrera Mark Teixeira Mark Teixeira Ryan Howard Mark Teixeira
6. Joey Votto Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis Adrian Gonzalez Adrian Gonzalez
7. Kevin Youkilis Mark Reynolds Joey Votto Joey Votto Mark Reynolds
8. Pablo Sandoval Joey Votto Carlos Pena Mark Reynolds Justin Morneau
9. Adrian Gonzalez Justin Morneau Ryan Howard Kendry Morales Joey Votto
10. Mark Reynolds Adrian Gonzalez Justin Morneau Justin Morneau Kevin Youkilis
11. Adam Dunn Pablo Sandoval Adam Dunn Pablo Sandoval Pablo Sandoval
12. Kendry Morales Victor Martinez Lance Berkman Kevin Youkilis Kendry Morales
13. Justin Morneau Adam Dunn Nick Johnson Lance Berkman Victor Martinez
14. Victor Martinez Kendry Morales Todd Helton Victor Martinez Adam Dunn
15. Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Chris Davis Adam Dunn Billy Butler
16. Derrek Lee Derrek Lee Billy Butler Billy Butler Lance Berkman
17. Carlos Pena Carlos Pena Adam LaRoche  Derrek Lee Carlos Pena
18. Billy Butler Billy Butler Derrek Lee  Carlos Pena  Derrek Lee
19. Garrett Jones Chris Davis Kendry Morales David Ortiz Chris Davis
20. Jose Lopez Jose Lopez Nick Swisher  Michael Cuddyer Michael Cuddyer
21. David Ortiz Michael Cuddyer Garrett Jones  Paul Konerko Todd Helton
22. Paul Konerko Todd Helton Conor Jackson  Jorge Cantu James Loney
23. Todd Helton James Loney Paul Konerko  Chris Davis Paul Konerko
24. Jorge Cantu David Ortiz Matt LaPorta  James Loney David Ortiz
25. James Loney Garrett Jones Jeff Clement Todd Helton Jorge Cantu
26. Michael Cuddyer Paul Konerko Daric Barton  Garrett Jones Garrett Jones
27. Chris Davis Adam LaRoche James Loney  Nick Johnson Russell Branyan
28. Martin Prado Jorge Cantu Russell Branyan  Adam LaRoche Jose Lopez
29. Adam LaRoche Nick Johnson Garrett Atkins  Nick Swisher Adam LaRoche
30. Nick Johnson Mark DeRosa Jorge Cantu  Jose Lopez Nick Johnson

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3 comments for “2010 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman Rankings”

  1. I guess I’m a lot higher on Nick Johnson than others. If he stays healthy, in that Yankees lineup with his OBP he’ll be scoring runs like a leadoff hitter.

    Posted by Mike C. | February 27, 2010, 1:48 pm
  2. Johnson could be solid in NY, but he has never really been healthy in his entire career. On second thought, I could move him up a few spots.

    Posted by KC | February 27, 2010, 6:03 pm
  3. In eight seasons, Nick Johnson has played 129+ games four times. In the other four seasons, he has played in less than 100 games.

    So it is a 50-50 chance that he will play close to a full season in 2010. Worth the risk? Just don’t draft him as your starting 1B.

    Posted by Pete | March 1, 2010, 10:51 pm

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