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New Jersey Nets a Win Over Boston

Rajon Rondo's expression said it all during the loss. (AP Photo / Winslow Townson)

That was just embarrassing. It all of a sudden looks like the Celtics will definitely miss the playoffs, or at least be booted out in the first round, after they completely failed against the lowly Nets, 104-96. Defense was terrible, offense was terrible, and even with some questionable calls by the referees, a little more effort would have won it for the C’s. The Nets were 34/41 at the free throw line; the Celtics were 9/11. That’s where the Celtics really could have done better to win (by getting to the line more).

Things got started with the referees, with Perkins being called for a questionable offensive three-second call, and Rondo being called for a clear path foul when he was between the net and the ball. That was after the Celtics took a 12-2 lead, and that was all they would do all day. A bad pass by Nate Robinson gave the Nets the 29-27 lead after the 1st quarter.

The next quarter was highlighted by Glen Davis stealing the ball, then passing it to Rasheed Wallace, who was standing still, completely oblivious of the play. The Nets took advantage of the Celtics not caring to take a ten-point lead with 4:06 left in the half. Perkins was later called for traveling when he was really fouled, then was called for a technical. The Nets led 49-42 at the half, and were really getting the idea that they could win.

Early on in the next half, a Nets player, in frustration, threw the ball towards a referee. But was he called for a technical? Of course not. Sheed would have been called for three technicals for that, as Mike and Tommy were kind enough to point out. The refs later tried to call a 24-second violation on the Celtics, but went back on themselves when it was blatantly obvious there was at least a second left on the shot clock. Scalabrine got the offensive board and Nate Robinson got the three, but the Nets stifled any comeback and led by ten after three quarters, making it six straight quarters in which the Celtics were outscored.

Scal was called for a foul in the 4th after backing over a Nets player, who was behind him, and who Scal didn’t see. The Celtics, in a sense of urgency, cut the lead to six, but did nothing to prevent a drive to the rim by New Jersey. They also did nothing when there was a loose ball. Then, down by seven with 30 or so seconds left, the Celtics just gave up, not fouling on the inbound pass. But they did foul once the ball crossed half court? Either foul right away or give up.

So there you have it. The story of how the Celtics proved they won’t even come close to winning a title any time soon, and just two years removed from their last title. If there’s anything stopping the Celtics from dropping out of the playoff brackets entirely, it’s that 9th place Charlotte has lost to New Jersey twice this season, and has just been bought by Michael Jordan, who didn’t do much good when he had stake in the Wizards. The Celtics are just 5.5 games away from losing home court advantage to Toronto. Though that may only help the C’s, given the way the team has been playing at home.

C’s Stud of the Game: Nobody

KG led the team with nine rebounds and 26 points, but still, how can you say anybody did good when they lost to the Nets?

C’s Dud of the Game: Everybody

By now, I think you know why.

That’s What He Said:

“It ain’t the system; it’s our heads.” – Doc Rivers in his post-game press conference, explaining why the Celtics lost embarrassingly.

Game Notes:

  • Scoring Leaders: Kevin Garnett (BOS 26), Brook Lopez (NJ 25), Devin Harris (NJ 23)
  • Field Goal Leaders: Kevin Garnett (BOS 12/16), Marquis Daniels (BOS 8/9), Brook Lopez (NJ 7/11), Courtney Lee (7/12)
  • Three Point Leaders: Keyon Dooling (NJ 3/5), Courtney Lee (NJ 2/3), Four others with one
  • Free Throw Leaders: Brook Lopez (NJ 11/14), Devin Harris (NJ 10/10), Kris Humphries (NJ 7/10)
  • Rebound Leaders: Yi Jianlian (NJ 10), Kris Humphries (NJ 10), Kevin Garnett (BOS 9)
  • Assist Leaders: Rajon Rondo (BOS 17), Ray Allen (BOS 5), Devin Harris (NJ 5)
  • Steal Leaders: Kris Humphries (NJ 4), Rajon Rondo (BOS 3), Devin Harris (NJ 3)
  • Block Leaders: Kris Humphries (NJ 2), Brook Lopez (NJ 2), Four others with one
  • Turnovers: BOS 18, NJ 16
  • Foul-outs: None
  • Technical Fouls: Kendrick Perkins (BOS, 54.0 seconds left in 2nd)

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One comment for “New Jersey Nets a Win Over Boston”

  1. I bet Nate Robinson thought he’d died and gone to heaven when the Knicks traded him to Boston. I wonder what he’s thinking now.

    Is there anybody out there (besides Net fans) who wouldn’t trade Perkins for Lopez? Or Robinson for Lee? Or this package deal – Perkins, Robinson, Tony Allen, Shelden Williams (who Doc evidently hates), and Scalabrine(who Doc evidently loves) for Lopez, Lee and Harris. Okay, I’d probably throw in Daniels if they insisted. Mainly because he’s so injury prone. New Jersey would be crazy to take the deal, but aren’t they the worst team in the league, and one of the worst in NBA history? Isn’t it sad to want 3 starters from such a team? I guess that’s just a measure of how low the Celts have gone.

    Posted by Ken | February 28, 2010, 8:38 am

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