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2010 Fantasy Baseball Outfielder Rankings

Ryan Braun

In your leagues, you will be required to start at least three outfielders. This obviously means that the talent pool for this area is very deep and rich. Needless to say, not too many people will jump on an outfielder early in fear of missing out on weaker positions.

While speed is seen as more valuable in a lot of leagues, there is a lot of power readily available with outfielders, and you can get it at reasonable prices.

Since the outfield is so deep, this round of rankings will be a top 50. Yeah, I know you are excited. The SoB crew is here to offer their picks once again. Try not to judge us too harshly.

  Pete KC Mike C. George Brian
1. Ryan Braun  Ryan Braun Ryan Braun  Ryan Braun Ryan Braun
2.  Matt Kemp Matt Kemp Justin Upton Matt Kemp Carl Crawford
3.  Grady Sizemore Matt Holliday Matt Kemp Matt Holliday Matt Kemp
4. Matt Holliday Justin Upton Matt Holliday Justin Upton Justin Upton
5. Jayson Werth Carl Crawford Grady Sizemore Jacoby Ellsbury Jacoby Ellsbury
6. Carl Crawford Grady Sizemore Jayson Werth Carl Crawford Matt Holliday
7. Ichiro Adam Lind Nick Markakis Grady Sizemore Grady Sizemore
8. Justin Upton Ichiro Jason Bay Ichiro Jason Bay
9. Adam Lind Jacoby Ellsbury Adam Dunn Jason Bay Ichiro
10. Jacoby Ellsbury Curtis Granderson Carl Crawford Curtis Granderson Jayson Werth
11. Adam Dunn Nelson Cruz Jacoby Ellsbury Ben Zobrist Carlos Lee
12. Ben Zobrist Jayson Werth Ichiro Jayson Werth Adam Lind
13 Nick Markakis Nick Markakis Shin-Soo Choo Nick Markakis B.J. Upton
14. Jason Bay Jason Bay Curtis Granderson Adam Lind Andre Ethier
15. Shin-Soo Choo Andre Ethier Adam Lind Shin-Soo Choo Curtis Granderson
16. Andre Ethier Adam Dunn Ben Zobrist Carlos Lee Nick Markakis
17. Curtis Granderson Carlos Lee Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz Ben Zobrist
18. Carlos Lee Bobby Abreu Andre Ethier Bobby Abreu Adam Jones
19. Bobby Abreu Shin-Soo Choo Carlos Lee Andre Ethier Nelson Cruz
20. Nelson Cruz Ben Zobrist B.J. Upton Torii Hunter Bobby Abreu
21. Torii Hunter Josh Hamilton Bobby Abreu Josh Hamilton Shane Victorino
22. Andrew McCutchen B.J. Upton Hunter Pence B.J. Upton Shin-Soo Choo
23. Manny Ramirez Manny Ramirez Shane Victorino Adam Jones Manny Ramirez
24. B.J. Upton Carlos Quentin Josh Hamilton Adam Dunn Adam Dunn
25. Josh Hamilton Shane Victorino Adam Jones Shane Victorino Torii Hunter
26. Adam Jones Andrew McCutchen Manny Ramirez Andrew McCutchen Josh Hamilton
27. Raul Ibanez Hunter Pence Carlos Quentin Manny Ramirez Johnny Damon
28. Shane Victorino Adam Jones Andrew McCutchen Jay Bruce Raul Ibanez
29. Hunter Pence Carlos Gonzalez Michael Bourn Hunter Pence Andrew McCutchen
30. Jason Kubel Torii Hunter Johnny Damon Raul Ibanez Hunter Pence
31. Denard Span Raul Ibanez Nate McLouth Carlos Quentin Carlos Beltran
32. Nate McLouth Jay Bruce Torii Hunter Michael Cuddyer Carlos Quentin
33. Brad Hawpe Jason Kubel Carlos Gonzalez Nate McLouth Jay Bruce
34. Nyjer Morgan Alfonso Soriano Jay Bruce Jason Kubel Nate McLouth
35. Jay Bruce Brad Hawpe Julio Borbon Michael Bourn Alex Rios
36. Julio Borbon Denard Span Brad Hawpe Alex Rios Alfonso Soriano
37. Chris Coghlan Garrett Jones Alfonso Soriano Johnny Damon Michael Bourn
38. Carlos Quentin Jason Heyward Alex Rios Carlos Beltran Nyjer Morgan
39. Michael Cuddyer Michael Bourn Drew Stubbs Chris Coghlan Denard Span
40. Michael Bourn Johnny Damon Carlos Beltran Alfonso Soriano Juan Pierre
41. Carlos Beltran Nolan Reimold Michael Cuddyer Denard Span Jason Kubel
42. Juan Rivera Nate McLouth Denard Span Carlos Gonzalez Carlos Gonzalez
43. Alex Rios Carlos Beltran Jason Kubel Nyjer Morgan Brad Hawpe
44. Ryan Ludwick Alex Rios Nolan Reimold Nolan Reimold Michael Cuddyer
45. Garrett Jones Julio Borbon Corey Hart Ryan Ludwick Nolan Reimold
46. Cody Ross Michael Cuddyer Nyjer Morgan Julio Borbon Rajai Davis
47. Jason Heyward Ryan Ludwick Garrett Jones Corey Hart Franklin Guttierez
48. Drew Stubbs Nyjer Morgan J.D. Drew Brad Hawpe Vernon Wells
49. J.D. Drew Drew Stubbs Kyle Blanks Jason Heyward Ryan Ludwick
50. Carlos Gonzalez Chris Coghlan Jason Heyward Garrett Jones Julio Borbon

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