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Draft Tim Tebow, Seriously!

This year’s NFL Draft has had more been more intriguing then ones in the past. From it lasting three days, beginning on a Thursday April 22nd, to the mass of talent, this year there is a mix of excitement and gossip. Much has been talk about the Rams first overall pick, but as for a player only one stands out and it could be New England that takes the risk.

However, drafting Tim Tebow would be the most logical, and should be done.

Tebow does not make a top five list on anyone’s draft board for quarterbacks. Sam Bradford is a possible first overall pick, Jimmy Clausen seems to be on many radars and Colt McCoy has be slowly climbing higher up the first round board, still it’s Tebow that gets the most attention.

Tim is one of the greatest college players of all time. A quick rundown of his accomplishments:
-Two time National Champion
-2007 Heisman Winner (a finalist on other occasions)
-Three time All-SEC
-Two time All-American
-Two time SEC Player of the Year
-NCAA Quarterback of the Year (2007)
-AP Player of the Year (2007)
-Offensive MVP of 2009 National Championship

Those are just some of the awards. There is also the stigma of being a leader and excellent teammate. Someone to be counted on in the big moments (He had never lost a Bowl game). He seems almost too good to be true and yet there are those who would not dare draft him.

Longtime ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. has stated that Tebow would not make it as a quarterback with his unconventional style and being undersized. He even said he would be no better then Pat White of the Dolphins, someone to be used as just a Wild Cat player. However, Tim does have fans such as Jon Gruden who said Tebow is a game changer and someone who could push the game into a new direction. It appears that anything is possible with Tebow.

Jacksonville has shown interest in Tebow, with him being a local boy and all. Then the four season ticket holders remaining in Jacksonville, said it would be unforgivable if the Jaguars wasted a pick on him. Then the Bills, Redskins, Browns and Seahawks are showing interest, among others, but there has been no public acknowledgment on how serious they are. Then the Patriots stole the headlines.

Not only has Bill Belichick publicly praised Tebow, but they recently went to the North End for dinner, where Bill gushed even more. “There are a lot of positives”, Belichick said. “I’m sure he’s going to help a team.” But is that team the Patriots?

If there is one place the Patriots are set it’s quarterback with Tom Brady. When the draft comes, New England should look to fill voids at defensive end, linebacker and running back first. Then wide receivers, tight ends and the secondary should be next. There is even a chance they will need a kicker, should Stephen Gostkowski not be resigned. So with all these needs, why would New England take the chance on a guy like Tebow?

It would cost New England a second round pick, even though New England has three. Still, with New England’s past, they will most likely trade their first round pick for more second round ones But why “waste” one of Tebow? Because New England can change their game plan.

Tebow could be one of the most versatile players in this years draft. Aside from learning behind Tom Brady for several years, and possibly replace him when the time comes, Tebow could be used as a tight end and fullback. At 6’3”, 240lbs, Tebow would be fantastic on short passes and hitting the open field. Think of a bigger Julian Edelman. Speaking of Edelman, imagine the occasional Wild Cat offense with two former quarterbacks confusing the defense on who will take the snap. A possible two quarterback backfield would be insane to imagine, but could prove to be extremely effective.

Sure Tim has said that he wants to be a quarterback, but he is the consummate professional and would most likely shift positions to accommodate. He would also have the opportunity to be the number two quarterback behind Brady. By learning from a pocket passer, Tebow could learn to throw the ball with more accuracy and has the opportunity to become a better version of Doug Flutie (or a poor man’s Michael Vick). A great passer and fast on his feet, Flutie was a dangerous quarterback in his prime. Now give him (Flutie) five inches and 50 pounds without losing the arm strength and speed, that could be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. However, it would take time to adjust and build Tebow to that point, but New England has that ability to wait.

There are still many that will doubt Tebow will ever turn out to be a successful player in the NFL. However, his versatility and work ethic could be his saving grace. There is potential in every draftee, but maybe Tim could have the most. He has the personality that New England loves to see and could become a fan favorite.

That is why New England should draft Tebow by any means necessary.

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  1. Tebow is the most decorated college player of all time, and to think he won’t be drafted in the first 2 rounds is crazy! This kid has serious heart and never stops working to become the best he can be. If i was in charge of a teams draft pick, i would draft him Mid to Late 1st round NO MATTER WHAT!

    Posted by zach | April 12, 2010, 9:29 am

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