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2010 MLB Regular Season Expert Picks

Who will win the 2010 SoB MLB Pick 'Em? ('Homer at the Bat,' "The Simpsons," aired February 20, 1992)

With baseball season here at last, it’s time for SoB’s annual MLB Pick ‘Em. After the Yankees won the World Series last year for the first time since 2000 and made it for the first time since 2003, and gave Dennis Leary a stroke in the process, everyone jumped on the Yankees bandwagon, including many of our experts, at least as far as predicting goes.

Seven of nine of the picks this year have the Yankees winning the American League, and for that matter, the Phillies winning the National League, making a World Series rematch the favored outcome. In fact, if both teams do end up winning their leagues, and the probabilities of each successive seed in a league making it to the World Series follow a geometric sequence with ratio 1/x, the odds of both the Phillies and Yankees making it in for a rematch is .2304.

Aside from that prediction, most of us agree that the Red Sox will be the Wildcard team once more, and most of us agree on the Pirates taking over for the Nationals in the basement of the league. The biggest disagreement is over who will win the NL Wildcard; the Braves have the mode. We’re also pretty split between the Rockies/Dodgers as to who will win that division.

So anyway, without further ado, here are the picks, and how they will be scored at season’s end. Who will win? Do you think any of us are making any sense? Be sure to let us know, and stay tuned for for the results, coming in October.

  • Correctly picking a division winner is worth two points.
  • Correctly picking the wildcard is worth one point.
  • Exactly guessing the #1, #2, and #3 seed in each conference is worth three points, two points, and one point respectively.
  • Any wildcard pick that wins a division or any divisional winner pick that ends up as the wildcard is worth one point.
  • Any incorrect pick is worth zero points.
  • The first tiebreaker, second tiebreaker, and third tiebreaker are predictions for the team with the league’s worst record, 2nd worst record, and 3rd worst record respectively.
American League National League Tiebreaker
Name AL East AL Central AL West AL Wildcard NL East NL Central NL West NL Wildcard Worst Team 2nd Worst Team 3rd Worst Team
Brian Yankees (1) White Sox (3) Angels (2) Rays Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Dodgers (3) Cubs Pirates Nationals Blue Jays
Erikk Yankees (1) Twins (2) Angels (3) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Rockies (3) Braves Padres Pirates Royals
George Yankees (1) White Sox (2) Mariners (3) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Rockies (3) Braves Pirates Royals Nationals
John Yankees (1) Twins (3) Mariners (2) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Dodgers (3) Braves Nationals Pirates Royals
KC Yankees (1) Twins (2) Mariners (3) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Dodgers (3) Rockies Pirates Nationals Padres
Mike C Rays (1) Twins (2) Rangers (3) Red Sox Braves (1) Brewers (2) Rockies (3) Phillies Royals Astros Pirates
Mike P Yankees (1) White Sox (3) Mariners (2) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (2) Dodgers (3) Rockies Pirates Padres Royals
Pete Yankees (1) Twins (3) Mariners (2) Red Sox Phillies (1) Cardinals (3) Dodgers (2) Rockies Pirates Nationals Orioles
Teddy Red Sox (2) Twins (3) Mariners (1) Rays Marlins (2) Cardinals (1) Rockies (3) Phillies Pirates Nationals Indians

Table Legend:

  • A number in parentheses after a team name indicates the predicted seed. The wildcard is always the 4th seed.

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