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2009-2010 NHL Expert Picks: Results

Pittsburgh didn't do quite as well as most of us thought they would, and now they and Matt Cooke are out for blood in the playoffs. ("WOPICO2")

The playoffs are finally here, and there have been quite a few surprises. The Bruins disappointed many with such a poor finish, with a top three draft pick as consolation. The Sabres scored 100 points to win the division, though they do have Ryan Miller, and the Senators did do a great job too. The Phoenix Coyotes, Los Angeles Kings, and Nashville Predators (which I believe are the red properties in NHL Monopoly) all outdid expectations, as did the Avalanche, but they started out so well. So did the Rangers, who are going home.

There were certainly plenty of monkey wrenches throwing us off, but through it all, a winner emerged, and that winner is…Erikk. Erikk was helped out immensely by the Capitals and Sharks, as he was the only one to correctly guess both #1 seeds, and even had the Penguins helping out. On the other end of the spectrum, I was the only one not to guess a single seed correctly. If only the Penguins didn’t stink so badly against the Devils, and if only the Blackhawks and Sabres had taken care of business on the final day, I would’ve been in business. Oh well.

But seriously, it’s okay. At least Matt Cooke got his comeuppance in the process. To see the final standings and how everyone’s picks turned out, check below.

Final Standings

Rank Name Points
#1 Erikk 32
#2 Chris 28
#3 Mike 27
#4 Brian 23
#5 KC 22
#6 Ty 20 (more point-garnering picks)
#7 Teddy 20 (less point-garnering picks)
#8 Pete 16
#9 John 11


Picks: Results

EAST Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike Pete Teddy Ty
#1* Penguins Penguins Capitals (8) Bruins Penguins Capitals (8) Bruins Bruins Penguins
#2* Capitals Capitals Bruins Capitals Bruins Penguins Penguins Lightning Bruins
#3* Bruins Bruins Flyers Penguins Capitals Bruins Capitals Devils Hurricanes
#4 Flyers Devils Penguins (5) Hurricanes Hurricanes Devils Devils Capitals Devils
#5 Hurricanes Flyers Sabres Flyers Devils Maple Leafs Hurricanes Sabres Capitals
#6 Devils Hurricanes Hurricanes Devils Flyers Hurricanes Sabres Penguins Canadiens
#7 Sabres Canadiens Thrashers Maple Leafs Sabres Senators Flyers (2) Panthers Senators
#8 Canadiens (1) Sabres Maple Leafs Rangers Canadiens (1) Flyers Canadiens (1) Rangers Flyers
WEST Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike Pete Teddy Ty
#1* Sharks (8) Sharks (8) Sharks (8) Red Wings Sharks (8) Red Wings Red Wings Blues Sharks (8)
#2* Flames Red Wings Flames Sharks Red Wings Sharks Sharks Sharks Flames
#3* Blackhawks Canucks (6) Red Wings Flames Flames Canucks (6) Flames Canucks (6) Red Wings
#4 Red Wings Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Canucks Ducks Blackhawks
#5 Canucks Ducks Canucks Canucks Ducks Ducks Blackhawks Blue Jackets Canucks
#6 Ducks Flames Ducks Wild Canucks Flames Ducks Oilers Ducks
#7 Blues Blues Oilers Stars Blue Jackets Wild Blue Jackets Predators (2) Blues
#8 Wild Blue Jackets Blues Blue Jackets Blues Blue Jackets Wild Coyotes Wild
Points 23 28 32 11 22 27 16 20 20

Table Legend

  • Two point picks are bolded.
  • One point picks are italicized.
  • Zero point picks are crossed out.
  • A number in parentheses after a team name indicates bonus points received by that pick.

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