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2009-2010 NBA Expert Picks: Results

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant were once more the top superstars. They aim to face off four to seven more times before the season is through. (

The season is now over, and there have been plenty of dark horses that have made quite an impact. Oklahoma’s in for the first time as the Thunder, Milwaukee and Charlotte are in, not to mention the #3 Suns. On the other side of that coin, who could have foreseen the Spurs’ poor season? For that matter, the Celtics have struggled a lot more than people though they would; at least they’re in a weak conference and division.

Prediction-wise, the three East division winners were all picked successfully, while the West was harder to pick. I was the only one to pick all three correctly, being the only one to pick the Mavericks as division winners. But I was also the only one to not pick the Heat to make the post-season, so karma is alive and well. I was also the only one with three correct seed picks in one conference.

Despite all that, I only finished 6th in the standings; I was agonizing over whether to put the Cavaliers or Magic first. Oh well. Thanks to a strong finish by divisional picks, the winner is … Brian. Brian correctly picked both top seeds, as well as a middle seed to put the icing on the cake. Kudos, Brian. Be sure to check below to see how everyone finished, and how their picks turned out:

Rank Point Total
#1 Brian 37
#2 KC 33 (most point-garnering picks)
#3 Pete 33
#4 Mike P 33 (least point-garnering picks)
#5 Erikk 32 (more point-garnering picks)
#6 John 32 (less point-garnering picks)
#7 A.J. 30 (correct picks closer [overall] to final standings)
#8 Nate 30 (correct picks farther away [overall] from final standings)
#9 Chris 29
#10 Teddy 20

Expert Picks: Results

EAST A.J. Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike P. Nate Pete Teddy
#1* Celtics Cavaliers (8) Celtics Celtics Magic Celtics Celtics Magic Cavaliers (8) Celtics
#2* Cavaliers Celtics Cavaliers Magic (7) Cavaliers Magic (7) Magic (7) Celtics Celtics Cavaliers
#3* Magic Magic Magic Cavaliers Celtics Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers Magic Magic
#4 Hawks Hawks Hawks Bulls Hawks Hawks Bulls Hawks Hawks Bulls
#5 Bulls Wizards Bulls Hawks Bulls Bulls Hawks Bulls Pacers Hawks
#6 Heat Heat Heat Heat 76ers Heat 76ers Heat Heat Wizards
#7 Raptors Bulls 76ers Raptors Wizards Raptors Raptors 76ers Pistons Heat
#8 Wizards Pacers Raptors Pistons Pistons Wizards Heat Raptors Bulls (1) Pistons
WEST A.J. Brian Chris Erikk John KC Mike P. Nate Pete Teddy
#1* Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Lakers (8) Spurs
#2* Spurs Spurs Spurs Spurs Nuggets Spurs Nuggets Blazers Spurs Lakers
#3* Jazz Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets Mavericks Nuggets Spurs Spurs Blazers Jazz
#4 Nuggets (5) Blazers Jazz Blazers Spurs Jazz Blazers Nuggets (5) Mavericks Mavericks
#5 Hornets Jazz (4) Mavericks Mavericks Jazz (4) Blazers Hornets Mavericks Nuggets Hornets
#6 Suns Suns Blazers (3) Jazz Blazers (3) Hornets Mavericks Hornets Hornets Blazers (3)
#7 Mavericks Hornets Hornets Hornets Clippers Mavericks Warriors Jazz Rockets Clippers
#8 Blazers Clippers Suns Clippers Hornets Suns Thunder (1) Suns Suns Thunder (1)
POINTS 30 37 29 32 32 33 33 30 33 20

Table Legend

  • Two point picks are bolded.
  • One point picks are italicized.
  • Zero point picks are crossed out.
  • A number in parentheses after a team name indicates bonus points received by that pick.

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