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2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks Round 1: Results

Many thanks to Montreal for getting Boston home rink advantage in Round 2; now we'll see if they can get past Crosby as they did Ovechkin. (Getty Images / zimbio.com)

Wow. What a first round. The most amazing part was definitely when, for the second year in a row, the President’s Trophy winner (Washington) lost to the worst team in the playoffs (Montreal) in the first round. In fact, despite having what should have been the easiest series, Washington became the first top seed to lose to a #8 team after being ahead in games 3-1. Now, the most dangerous team in the playoffs is gone, and the Bruins, despite being #6, get home rink advantage for at least next round. Welcome back Marc Savard, by the way.

Four of the eight series were won by the lower seed (Canadiens, Flyers, Bruins, Red Wings), but two of those (Bruins, Red Wings) did not fool most of our experts. Thanks to these events, the Bruins and Flyers are meeting in the playoffs for the first time since 1978, when Boston won 4-1. With Tuukka Rask in our corner, and our net, it might happen again. Both teams split the season series 2-1-1, with each winning on the other team’s ice. Anything could happen in Round 2.

Since anything could happen, anyone could still win. Erikk is currently in the lead with 15 points, but Brian and Teddy, despite picking up the rear, are right there with 12 points. With 12 points on the line in Round 2, there’s plenty of room to move up.

So before Round 2 begins Thursday at 9:00pm with the Red Wings visiting the Sharks, check below to know where we all stand:

  Name Brian Erikk John KC Mike P Teddy
Capitals vs
Winner Capitals Capitals Capitals Capitals Capitals Capitals
5 -4- -4- -4- -4- 5
Devils vs
Winner Devils Devils Devils Devils Devils Flyers
6 5 7 5 7 6
Sabres vs
Winner Bruins Bruins Sabres Bruins Bruins Sabres
7 7 7 7 7 5
Penguins vs
Winner Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins
5 6 6 6 6 6
Sharks vs
Winner Sharks Sharks Sharks Sharks Sharks Sharks
7 5 6 6 6 -4-
Blackhawks vs
Winner Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks
5 -4- 5 6 6 5
Canucks vs
Winner Canucks Canucks Canucks Kings Kings Canucks
7 6 6 7 7 5
Coyotes vs
Red Wings
Winner Red Wings Red Wings Red Wings Red Wings Red Wings Coyotes
6 6 6 6 5 7
Total Points 12 15 13 14 13 12

Table Legend

  • Two point picks are bolded.
  • One point picks are italicized.
  • Zero point picks are crossed out.

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