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Bill Belichick and Joe Maddon: Tales From the Hood(ie)

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I love hoodies. I literally have close to 20 in all different forms. I even have a lucky Patriots hoodie that I wore during two Super Bowl wins, but went against wearing it during the Super Bowl against the Giants (and yes I have regretted it ever since).

While in college, I was a member of a fraternity and yes I was “that guy” who wore his letter, in hoodie form, everywhere. I have plain-color hoodies and Red Sox hoodies. Zip up and pullovers. When I moved to Florida, I found two lightweight hoodies that I wear when it gets a little cold out. They are my favorite type of clothing to wear. They’re not formal but who cares, they are comfortable and can be fashionable.

Then, I heard some horrendous news.

Rays manager Joe Maddon was told by Major League Baseball that he was no longer allowed to wear his hooded sweatshirt.


The ruling was that managers could only wear approved outerwear. That translated to the $120 clubhouse jackets you see most other managers throwing on when the weather gets to cold. It could be a way for Major League Baseball to push their high end products, but why disregard the hoodie?

Then, something amazing happened. Some 1,300 miles away, a fellow hoodie fanatic lent a helping hand, or hoodie to be exact.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick sent Maddon a personalized Patriots hoodie as a “keep your head up” message. It was a different-city, different-sport friendly gesture and the Rays manager took notice.

“That was very nice of him… that was very cool,” Maddon said.

Nothing more needed to be said. With some coaches known for their fashion, there are few who just want to dress down. And why not?

Baseball is the only sport where the manager is supposed to be dressed up like the players. It’s asinine. Why does the MLB feel the need to make it seem like Charlie Manuel or Bobby Cox will come out to DH? Do they think that players will try harder if they see their manager in full uniform?

Take notice from other sports:

  • Thank god we will never see Stan Van Gundy in a tank top and shorts.
  • It would be hard for Sean Payton to coach the Saints with a helmet on.
  • Claude Julien would look ridiculous wearing goalie gloves while drawing up plays for the Bruins.

Coaches should dress however they want, in any sport. Remember when Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio went out of their way to petition the league to wear suits on the sideline? They had the opportunity for two weeks to try out a Reebok brand two-piece and looked stylish. However, the man who stole the show was Belichick, who strutted the sidelines in his hoodie with the sleeves cut off and still won games. Perhaps Nolan and Del Rio’s look would have caught on if they actually won some games.

But, back to baseball. Since the Belichick gift, Major League Baseball has since revoked it’s ban on the greatest article of clothing ever invented. Maddon can now sit in a dug out in style, wearing his two-tone Rays hoodie. Or maybe throw on that sweet Pats hoodie.

There are some who will say that Belichick should not have given a gift to the manager of an enemy of the Red Sox. However, this issue goes deeper then city rivalries, it’s about the right to dress freely. So, throw your hoods up and celebrate, because this is a victory for hoodie fans everywhere.

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