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SoB MLB Power Rankings 5-10-10

Mark McGwire is leading the Cardinals' hitters to another big year so far. ("The Simpsons," 'Brother's Little Helper')

With the three other leagues possessing power rankings of their own, it’s time for baseball to get its due. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the topic, every second Monday KC and I, and hopefully more as we get our mojo working, will select our picks for the best 10 teams in baseball, with points being awarded accordingly. It’s a good way of seeing how the SoB experts think things are going and who has the best chance of moving on to bigger and better things.

A first place vote earns a team 10 points, a second place vote earns 9, and so on. Ties are broken based on who received the most first place votes, then the most second, and so on. The second tiebreaker is based on rank in the previous power ranking, then the one before that, and so on. At least it will be for the second rankings and so on. If we ever need more tiebreakers (like now), we’ll use head-to-head and overall record.

John KC SoB Composite Comments
#1 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays (2) Tampa Bay Rays (20) John – They’re still on top, but they’re also the victims of the last two perfect games. With the Yankees hot on their tail, Tampa needs to win and win in a hurry.
#2 New York Yankees New York Yankees New York Yankees (18) John – New York is still New York, and A-Rod still won’t stay off peoples’ mounds, but you’d still think the Yankees would have been able to sweep such a struggling and inconsistent Red Sox team.
#3 Minnesota Twins St. Louis Cardinals Minnesota Twins (15) John – Who knew Minnesota would be this good, even with Mauer? Even their first home rain delay in 30 years can’t stop them.
#4 St. Louis Cardinals Minnesota Twins St. Louis Cardinals (15) John – I would despise Brad Penny for flopping in Boston then “magically” getting better after leaving, if he weren’t doing wonders for my fantasy teams.
#5 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies (12) John – Doc Halladay has been one of the few, if not the only bright spot for the Phillies. But one man is never enough to win a team title.
#6 San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres San Diego Padres (9) John – Nobody saw this coming. If San Diego wants to stay a division leader, they’ll have to make sure not to trade Adrian Gonzalez.
#7 San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants (9) John – Lincecum has headed a surprisingly good pitching staff, which is keeping the Giants in the race. Bigger bats would be useful to back the pitchers up.
#8 Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays (5) John – Toronto has come out swinging this year; who knew A-Gon was such a powerhouse? They’re 4.0 games behind the Rays, and just 3.5 behind the Yankees for the wildcard.
#9 Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers (5) John – Texas has won their last four games, though beating Kansas City isn’t usually something to brag about.
#10 Oakland Athletics New York Mets New York Mets (1) John – The Mets have been right there in the division picture all season, and they’re still waiting for the Red Sox era Jason Bay to show up. But if past Septembers are any indication, they’ll screw up soon enough.
Others earning votes: Oakland Athletics (1)

Table Legend

  • A number in parentheses before a team name indicates the number of first place votes received.
  • A number in parentheses after a team name indicates total points received.

Red Sox Progress Report


Nobody is exciting on this team. They were supposed to be awesome, and they’re .500? Barely? Not one pitcher has impressed me. The defense has gone the same way. The offense has been highly sporadic, and Papi especially needs to shape up or ship out.


This would be easy if they actually have made some progress. After 32 games, they’re at Square 1 again at 16-16. Unfortunately, they’re 6.5 games out of first, whereas they were tied for first at 0-0 before the season started. Just yuck.

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