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How to Stop the Yankees: It’s All Natural

Brendan Harris, under attack in the 4th inning. (mlb.com)

We’ve all heard of plenty of animals getting onto the field and causing havoc and delays: gulls, pigeons, a cat or two, bees, Phillies fans. And now we have a new one to add onto that list: squirrels. With a light rain falling Tuesday night at Target Field, the Yankees were threatening with Jeter on second and Gardner on first with one out, and a 1-2 count to A-Rod in the top of the 4th. Then, from out of nowhere, a squirrel found its way onto the field, and ran around the Twins’ Brendan Harris at third base, before running into left field.

The cameras loved the little guy (or girl, it’s kind of hard to tell), and it was distracting enough for Rodriguez to swing and miss at a high pitch out of the zone. Scott Baker needed the help after the first two Yankees reached base, but escaped unscathed. All the while, the squirrel was running around the small inch-high or so overhang under the left field wall and climbing bullpen fences. The game stayed scoreless until the end of the 5th, when the game was put into a rain delay at 8:32pm, and suspended at 9:55pm, to be resumed Wednesday at 5:05pm.

As a consequence of the night’s actions, the Red Sox are currently 1.5 games behind the Yankees (and 6.5 games behind the Rays). It really makes you glad Beckett’s injured. And now, the bullpens will get into the suspended game earlier than they would’ve liked (no more Burnett), so it looks like nature is a good way to deal with the Yankees. Rain has now thrown off Burnett and Sabathia this year, and wildlife is always entertaining and a menace to A-Rod. That could be just what the Sox need to know if the Yankees are still troublesome later in the season. Have a rainy day, but keep the starters warming up in the dugout, playing soft catch, or let them warm up in the rain; it’s not like it’ll be acid rain. That way the starters will stay ready, the bullpen will stay rested, and if all else fails, release a Komodo dragon in the Yankees’ dugout.

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