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Bledsoe, Aikman Invest in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

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Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe was known for his work off the field during his playing days, and ever since he hung up his cleats after the 2006 season, Bledsoe has been active in his off-the-field business ventures. We already told you about Bledsoe’s new wine business, but now he, along with Troy Aikman, is investing his money in the BP oil spill cleanup.

Bledsoe and Aikman are investors in Ecosphere Technologies’ Ozonix water treatment system, separates oil from water and would replenish the gulf and allow BP to reuse the oil, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Oil has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for more than 50 days since an explosion at a BP oil rig killed 11 people. Up to 100 million gallons of oil has already spewed into the Gulf, with more and more spilling in every day.

According to Bledsoe, this water treatment system would be set up on barges in the Gulf and on beaches to clean the water. He said they could be “be on site within 72 hours, cleaning water.”

“This is not technology sitting on the shelf waiting for a disaster,” Bledsoe said. “This is technology out in the field satisfying contracts for well over a year, so it’s proven. … When you watch it, it is magic seeing dirty, nasty water go in one end and then crystal, clean water out the other end.”

Ecosphere’s system is different than what’s being used in the Gulf now, which is a chemical dispersant that helps break up the oil, but doesn’t help filter out.

“What we’re proposing is using our technology to help get the oil to the surface in a more contained environment, so we can more efficiently strip the oil out of the water,” said Bledsoe.

He’s got a good sales pitch, doesn’t he? His investment may help clean up the Gulf in the long run, but will BP or the White House listen to Bledsoe, Aikman, or any other celebrities doing their part to pitch in? That remains to be seen.

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  1. ——They just dont get it. Still no mention at all,pro or con,of the flange/bolts on all the news. Some of the bloggers that do are top engineers withiin the industry.——
    The oil leak can be TOTALLY controlled in half a week. Replacing the flange atop the BOP with a riser is absolutely possible,even in that blast. A pre-assembled guide—four 40 ft pcs drill pipe— with a five ft diameter band connecting the top ends, and solidly mounted on the BOP flange below,will steer the new riser perfectly, over the drill pipe stub and down, with 2 tapered pins on the new flange, precisely aligning it for bolting. A manifold with 4 lines to the surface completes it,redundantly accomplishing more than the present cap, only with positively NO leaking at all, and no sea water to “freeze”. After working the giant shear, these tasks,including clamping before unbolting, and trimming projections on the flange,etc. are comparatively simple for the robot operators. Please hurry.

    Posted by Robert Brown | June 17, 2010, 7:04 am

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