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Report: LeBron James, Ray Allen to Join Miami Heat?

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LeBron James has been interested in gathering the dream team, figuring that if one NBA All-Star can’t win an NBA Title by himself, maybe four future Hall of Famers can? How the hell is this even possible? There’s a reason the NBA Salary Cap is the most ridiculous in pro sports — because it ensures that the stars of the NBA will be spread across the league and not concentrated on a few teams.

LeBron is looking to change all that, and the team that gives him the best chance of that is the Miami Heat, who, if they can trade away Michael Beasley, will be able to sign three max contracts, so James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh could join forces in the Sunshine State.

According to a few reports, LeBron is recruiting Celtics guard Ray Allen to join the trio to create a legendary foursome. Allen would have to sign for less money, probably at the mid-level exception. As a result, the Heat would have roughly all of their money tied up in four players, leaving the team to sign rookies and cheap veteran free agents to round out the roster.

The source tells me that Allen has spoken to James and his preference is to remain with the Celtics, but that’s predicated on Paul Pierce remaining with the team. The money is not a huge factor. Winning more championships is the most important factor.

According to the source, Allen has spoken to James and would consider joining said, “Dream Team.” Along with possibly taking less money if it was the perfect opportunity.

How Possible Is This?

Well, it would take someone willing to take on the underachieving but very talented Michael Beasley and trade away cap space in return. Also, what team would be willing to create this monstrosity in Miami? Perhaps a team who loses out on any of the big names, but only time will tell.

My gut tells me this isn’t possible, but as we’ve learned in sports, we’re there’s smoke, there’s fire. I’d place the odds at around 30% that all four players end up in Miami.

Do you think Ray Allen would leave the Celtics for greener pastures with LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, and coach Pat Riley in Miami, even if the Celtics re-sign Paul Pierce and bring in Brad Miller?

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