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SoB MLB Power Rankings 7-6-10

Just when you get close, the Yankees pull away again in the way that only they can. (

Welcome back for another edition of the SoB Power Rankings for Major League Baseball. This edition is jam packed with thirteen teams getting nods for the ten spots, yet only one dropping from the rankings. And eight teams have either kept their previous spot or moved just one. The Twins’ recent slide out of the division lead has left room for other teams (the [again] resurgent Reds) to take over. A mini winning streak, albeit over Houston, has allowed the Padres to shoot up the table.

While the Yankees are still in command, three teams are now tied for the next spots, and even the #7 team managed to come up with 10 points. From there, not much is happening. As usual, teams get 10 points for a first place vote, then nine points for a second, and so on. Ties are broken based on who received the most first place votes, then the most second, and so on. The second tiebreaker is position in the previous rankings.

As an added bonus, we’ve also put together some thoughts on how the upcoming All Star Game will turn out.

John KC SoB Composite Last Time Comments
#1 New York Yankees New York Yankees (2) New York Yankees (20) #1, even KC – Hard to argue with the best team in baseball at No. 1.
#2 San Diego Padres Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox (14) #2, even KC – Hard to believe the Sox are this close with so many injuries.
#3 Tampa Bay Rays Texas Rangers San Diego Padres (14) #8, up 5 KC – How the hell is this team so good? Pitching, Gonzalez, Pitching, and Pitching.
#4 Cincinnati Reds Atlanta Braves Tampa Bay Rays (14) #3, down 1 John – The Rays got off to a good start against Boston, and proved (directly) to the Red Sox that they won’t go quietly, taking the Wildcard spot back in the process.
#5 Atlanta Braves Tampa Bay Rays Atlanta Braves (13) #4, down 1 KC – The Braves remain on top the NL East, despite Heyward’s injury.
#6 Boston Red Sox San Diego Padres Texas Rangers (12) #5, down 1 John – Welcome to Arlington, Bengie Molina. Vlad Guerrero and yourself really ought to cinch the division.
#7 Texas Rangers New York Mets Cincinnati Reds (10) NR John – Cincinnati, make up your mind. Are you going to finish ahead of or behind the Cardinals?
#8 Detroit Tigers Cincinnati Reds New York Mets (4) #7, down 1 KC – Bay is on pace for 12 HRs…and the Mets are still good.
#9 Chicago White Sox St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers (3) #9, even John – Detroit is now leading their division, but with Chicago and Minnesota right there, they can’t keep giving up nine runs to the Orioles.
#10 Minnesota Twins Los Angeles Angels Chicago White Sox (2) #10, even John – Chicago’s x-factor so far is that they’ve been very balanced, being just above .500 at home (21-19) and on the road (22-19).
Others earning votes: St. Louis Cardinals (2), Minnesota Twins (1), Los Angeles Angels (1)

Table Legend

  • A number in parentheses before a team name indicates the number of first place votes received.
  • A number in parentheses after a team name indicates total points received.

All Star Game Prediction

John – AL Wins Easily Enough

In all likelihood, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay will be starting. They’re backed up by rotations that has lately favored the American League, most noticeably in terms of aces. With several Yankees, Red Sox, and Evan Longoria leading the way, the offense has the edge too. And did I mention Mariano Rivera?

KC – AL Wins

It’s almost impossible to predict, even though this time it counts. But…how can I go against the American League? Save for the embarrassing tie in 2002, the AL has more talent, is the better league, and has dominated this game for years.

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