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2010 NFL Predictions: NFC East

The NFC East will surprise this year (photo from the-storms.org)

As usual, the NFC East is probably the most difficult division to forecast.  The Redskins made some moves that could really go either way, and the exciting young Eagles will definitely entertain.  The Cowboys have remained in-tact while adding the draft’s most exciting play in Dez Bryant.  Throw in a healthy Giants team and you have a season full of divisional games that I wouldn’t bet on.

NFC East Picks

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1. Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
2. Giants Giants Giants Giants
3. Eagles Redskins Eagles Eagles
4. Redskins Eagles Redskins Redskins

NFC East Predictions


1. Cowboys – With their sights set on playing a home game in the Super Bowl this season, Dallas is in “championship or bust” mode.

2. Giants – After watching their defense implode on several occasions last year, the G-Men hope to rebound with a revamped D-unit this time around.

3. Eagles – Out the door goes Donovan McNabb, to make room for up-and-comer Kevin Kolb.  There’s plenty of talent around him, but can he take the reigns and lead this team to a playoff berth?  In my mind, not yet.

4. Redskins – Five years ago, a team with McNabb, Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker would have my vote as a Super Bowl favorite.  But in 2010?  Over the hill.


1. Cowboys – The Cowboys are the safest pick to win a puzzling division, with depth at running back, talent at wide receiver, a sometimes-great-sometimes-awful quarterback and playmakers on defense.

2. Giants – A revamped secondary, paired with a healthy pass rush, will compensate for the division’s worst offense.

3. Redskins – Another unpredictable team in this division, with question marks at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and defensive line (worst NFL contract EVER).  They do have potential to take this division, but the most likely outcome is a mediocre, inconsistent season full of tight games.

4. Eagles – Kevin Kolb might be the NFL’s surprise this year.  With Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles should be looking forward to years of a quality offense.  That being said, a handful of playmakers surrounding a first-year quarterback might make for weekly entries in Sportscenter’s top 10, but will be too inconsistent to survive their tough schedule.


1. Cowboys – With the division’s balance interrupted with Donovan McNabb going to the Redskins, the Cowboys are as good as a lock as they’ve been in some time.

2. Giants – It’s nice to see that the younger Manning can take a hit, but they haven’t been quite the same ever since winning that Super Bowl that should’ve gone to the Patriots.

3. Eagles – They had three quarterbacks, and decided to trade their only good one? At least keep McNabb if you want to have a shot.

4. Redskins – Mike Shanahan, Albert Haynesworth, and Donovan McNabb can’t disguise the fact that the Redskins have been having issues lately.


1. Cowboys – Dallas kept their core in tact, and Tony Romo and co. should be able to build on the team’s first playoff win since 1999.

2. Giants – A disappointing campaign last year was affected by a poor defense. The D needs to show up if New York has any chance at the playoffs.

3. Eagles – Gone are the days of Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. The time for Kevin Kolb and co. to step up is now. The question is, can they do it?

4. Redskins – The Donovan McNabb era has begun, and Washington could surprise in one of the most wide-open divisions in the NFL.

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