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A Letter to Brian Scalabrine: It’s Not Goodbye, it’s “See You in Chicago”

We'll miss you, Scal (Getty Images)

Dear Brian,

Matt Pepin of has reported that you are officially out of Boston, having signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Chicago Bulls. As I read the piece, I realized that a true fan favorite has left our beloved team. We at Sports of Boston are glad that you have signed another contract, even if it isn’t with the Celtics. The city of Boston has no doubt lost one of its most popular sports figures to the city of Chicago.

Sure, 3.3 points and a rebound or two a game doesn’t look great on paper, but you know what? When I went to the Garden, I must say, I enjoyed watching you nail a three more than anyone else…as did the rest of the TD Garden. I don’t know if you could hear or not, as I’m sure you were “in the zone”, but let me tell you, the place went crazy every time. The prettiest jumper? No. But that’s alright. And sooner or later, Bulls fans will feel the same. The amount of charity work done by you off the field should be a trademark of every player in the league. Sorry to sound like a suck-up, but you make the NBA look better without even playing.

With all this mushy stuff out of the way, I think you’ll like Chicago. Of course, it’s not Boston, but Chicago is an up-and-coming team with a talented young core. You may play a bigger role there than you did here, and many people in Boston will be rooting for you. I’d take your 3.3 points per game any day.

One last thing, Scal—There will be a day, this NBA season, where you’ll have to return to the Garden in a uniform that isn’t the shade of green you’re used to. If, on that day, the Boston fans who are at the Garden do not give you a standing ovation, I promise you, I will never, ever watch basketball again.

Take care in Chicago, Scalabrine….Michael Jordan’s got nothin’ on you.


Nick and the Sports of Boston Crew

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2 comments for “A Letter to Brian Scalabrine: It’s Not Goodbye, it’s “See You in Chicago””

  1. I like how this is a letter…..I will definitely give him a standing O. Still love you scal!

    Posted by ALF | September 23, 2010, 12:27 am
  2. Really nice tribute to Scal….

    Posted by mom | September 26, 2010, 3:19 pm

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