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Randy Moss. I Miss Your Face.

Randy Moss (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

By Damon D.

Howdy Sports of Boston-ites, Damon here from the’s BetCenter

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I am Damon, and though I am considered by some to be a “sports analyst” I am by no means an unbiased and objective talking head simply reporting the latest sports news and gossip. I am a Pats fan. I hate the Jets. Love Wes Welkah and think Bill Bellichick’s hoodie is “sporty casual,” not “homeless chic.”

I’ve come on here with the blessing of your supreme overlord of an editor K.C. to talk a bit about life without Randy Moss for our beloved New England Patriots.

I think back to the moment I heard that the Pats were getting Moss from Oakland. I began hyperventilating, threw up, passed out and cracked my head open on my desk.

Why the explosion of excitement and emotion?

How about watching Brady throw for 3,500 yards with Jabbar Gaffney and STILL going 12 – 4 and making it to an AFC Championship game (A game that was only lost on the fact that the receiving core couldn’t hang on to a damn ball)? Spending an entire off-season thinking, “if he only had a receiver.”

We all thought it. We all daydreamed about it.

Then our fanciful little fantasy actually came true.

If anybody could straighten out Moss it was the Hoodie right? If any culture could nurture his talents while suppressing his attitude, it was the one in Gillette stadium wasn’t it?

Yup. It was.

And we were treated to a cornucopia of offensive awesomeness never seen before.

We witnessed Pey-Pey’s TD record get busted! Awesome! Undefeated Season! Sweet! (We will not speak of the Shame Bowl). But we had it, for a few seasons, the greatest QB-receiver combo ever assembled!

And now, it’s gone guys. No more billion-yard bombs into double coverage and still having a better chance of scoring than not. No more dangly facemask gloves. No more one-hand-behind-the-head-through-traffic-on-an-intentionally-overthrown-ball catches on slant patterns. Never again.

So what’s it all mean?

Most people came out right away talking about how bad of a decision this was. The Pats’ season was over; they had nothing left to offer offensively.

It’s funny that we’ve all spent three years hearing about how Randy Moss doesn’t hustle, takes plays off, isn’t motivated – yet the second he’s gone, the entire team might as well pack up and go home.

And I like it.

Not because of the talent or lack thereof. Not because we got Deion back or that Moss was a distraction.

But because, once upon a time, there was a team that was perpetually written off; a team of nobodies on defense, with Antowain Smith in the backfield; a team that was no sizzle and all steak.

And when they changed a bit…maybe because they needed to or because they had no choice, is when they stopped doing what they do best: win freaking Super Bowls.

I say “see-ya” Randy. You were awesome, and I’ll miss your face, but I’ll take the nobodies, thank you very much.

I’m okay with Brandon Tate and Danny Woodhead scoring touchdowns; fine with Julian Edelman and Benjarvis Green-Ellis. I’ll take those two tight-end sets with a pair of rookies you’ve never heard of any day.

And I’m especially fine with getting written off again.

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