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David Stern Speaks About Technical Rules

Is David Stern trying to ruin the game in the aftermath of becoming drunk with power? (

NBA referees will be much more harsh with technical fouls. Referees are now encouraged to call techs on absolutely nothing, and fines and suspensions aren’t far behind. The game’s going downhill, especially with a new collective bargaining agreement to go over. What could possibly go down as the new rules create a kid game where everyone is required to ask permission of the ball-holder when they wish to attempt to steal? David Stern spoke regarding the issue on “Jim Rome is Burning” Friday. After ducking the issue of the labor talks and before knocking LeBron James for childishly handling his “decision,” here’s what went down on the show:

Jim Rome: Have you not instructed the referees to call them [technical fouls] more aggressively, and if so, how come?

David Stern: Actually, we have sent out tapes to the teams and the refs. We are telling them when a technical should be called and when it shouldn’t. We’re letting the refs know when maybe they were calling it too tight, and the players know maybe when they got away with something when the refs should have called it.

Basically, the philosophy behind that, Jim, is that we’ve got the best players in the world, and it’s a great, great game, and our players deserve credit for all that they do on and off the court rather than being perceived as people who complain because they’ve never been fouled or they’ve never committed a foul.

And that’s basically the philosophy behind our, sort of, respect for the game rules.


Sort of respect? You don’t have respect, you have sort of respect? Not committing to having respect for the rules is tacit admission that you have no respect for the rules, David Stern. You just make them up according to your whim as you go along, solely to mess with people. The refs came under scrutiny for blowing calls last year, and you reward their incompetency with more power so that your power can’t be threatened by those below you.

You don’t want players to be perceived as complainers? Judging by what’s going on so far, you just don’t want players to complain and question the authority you’ve set up. You don’t even want them to have human emotions, because that could lead to complaining. You’re just giving them credit to not make 100% obvious that you can’t stand them because they’re not you. And you are making it 110% obvious in the process. Way to avoid run-on sentences, by the way.

And as for sending out tapes (which I suspect are confusing and stupid) supposedly pointing out what is and isn’t okay, where have I heard that before?

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  1. If this ridiculous technical foul situation remains in place when the actual season begins, the game will be a farce. Throwing Kevin Garnett out of that game in New York game is just one example. I really don’t know why the owners in the league don’t get together and instruct every starting player on the team to go out there, argue every call, and get thrown out of the game, one by one. Let it happen a few times, let the fans be heard about how much they enjoy watching a game without the starters, and Stern will have to back down and return the game to what it was before his idiotic edict took place. Stern is an egomaniac who should be replaced. Why in the world is he allowed such power?

    Posted by Ken | October 23, 2010, 10:00 am

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