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Spygate Redux: Brad Childress Says Patriots Stole Signals

If you thought you heard the last of Spygate years ago, think again.

At a press conference on Monday, Vikings coach Brad Childress said the Patriots were one of the all-time best at stealing signals.

“… I’m mindful of the last time we faced them here on Monday Night Football. It was like a surgical procedure. That’s back when we used to signal [plays] and things like that. I remember having a conversation with [then-defensive coordinator] Mike Tomlin about that. These were some of the all-time great signal stealers. In fact, that’s what was going on. They were holding, holding, holding. We were signaling from the sideline. They were good at it. It’s like stealing signals from a catcher.”

If you don’t remember the game Childress is referring to, the Patriots beat the Vikings 31-7 back in 2006, before this blog was even born. Why rehash an old random memory? If he was so certain they were stealing signals then, why wasn’t he the whistle blower? Well wait a minute…maybe they didn’t do it?

“No, I just had a notion. Having played them with the Eagles before that they were good [at stealing signals]. It’s something that we do as well. It’s good for one; it’s good for the other. We didn’t change it up. We didn’t use wristbands. We didn’t change the menu at halftime. They were good at that. Obviously you don’t need to give Tom [Brady] any added advantage.”

Clearly, Childress is bitter, but why would he think bringing up Spygate would be a good thing for his team? If anything, it gives the Patriots extra motivation on Sunday (as if they need any more with Brett Favre and Randy Moss coming to town).

“The team that’s going to win this weekend is the team that plays better. I promise you that,” Brady told WEEI.

Don’t expect Bill Belichick to let his foot off the gas pedal if the Patriots hold a double-digit lead late in the fourth quarter.

Spygate Redux

Just so we can put this issue to rest, let me just say it’s clear that stealing signals with cameras helped the Patriots in some way, or they wouldn’t go to great lengths to do it and attempt to avoid being caught. I’m not so sure how the signal stealing could possibly help them that much during a game, and perhaps we’ll never know that, but I could see how they could review the tapes for the next time they faced a team.

Let us also remember that Spygate is over. The Patriots were fined and severely punished. They went 16-0 after they were caught in the act during a game against the Jets. It’s a dead issue, period.

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3 comments for “Spygate Redux: Brad Childress Says Patriots Stole Signals”

  1. “It’s something that we do as well. It’s good for one; it’s good for the other”-Cildress

    I think that says it all. Its part of the game. Everybody tries to do it but you can only go as far to watch from your side of the field.

    Posted by Dan Pitrowiski | October 27, 2010, 1:06 pm
  2. Brad Childress is a buffoon.

    Posted by KC Downey | November 4, 2010, 11:18 pm
  3. Few people know that scanners can be puchased that will pick up and lock on all types of radio frequencies, from baby monitors to cordless phones. One could also be used to listen to the calls sent out to the QB and defensive captian. This allow a team to know the others every move. A good cheater would have one of these and, from the way the Pats shut-out other teams, I think they have one.

    Posted by Rex | December 8, 2010, 12:50 pm

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