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Auburn, Cam Newton Recruiting Violation?

Newton may find himself in a world of trouble. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Heisman hopeful Cam Newton has taken the college nation by storm, capturing the breathe of his audience similar to that of the Reggie Bush days at the University of Southern California.

Like Bush, Newton has recently seen troubling allegations come his way.

According to ESPN Reports, Newton could be in BIG trouble for “allegedley soliciting a six-figure payment” to sign a letter of intent after his time at Blinn College.

“Bond said the former teammate told him other schools had already offered $200,000, but since Newton really liked Mississippi State and had a relationship with head coach Dan Mullen dating to when both were at Florida, Mississippi State could get him for $180,000.”

In the midst of the report, Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, has firmly backed his stance that Bond’s allegations are bogus.

“I’m just trying to protect my son’s interests, because he’s fought very hard to get back where he is,” Cecil Newton said. “It’s a hell of a fight when people give up on you and think they’ll never see you or hear from you again.”

If this report is indeed true, this could spell a really big problem for the University of Auburn. Although it’s hard to pin point the exact penalties Auburn would face, here’s some of the punishment handed out by the NCAA to USC.

USC – Reggie Bush Scandal

  • Four years on probation
  • Two-year postseason ban
  • Scholarship reductions in football and basketball programs
  • Taking away of all wins from 2004-2005 seasons
  • Bush stripped of Heisman Trophy

At the University of North Carolina, Butch Davis saw the majority of his team sit out for the first half of the season while the NCAA investigations were going on. The Tarheels will eventually receive punishment for their actions.

Moving forward, IF, and that’s a big IF, these reports are accurate, nothing will happen in the interim. Auburn will go on to win the National Championship, Newton the Heisman.

However, in a couple of years, don’t be surprised to see what happened with USC to rear it’s ugly head around in Alabama.


We’ll keep you updated on the latest on this situation.

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3 comments for “Auburn, Cam Newton Recruiting Violation?”

  1. First off Reggie Bush did not go to the University of South Carolina.
    The NCAA has said Newton is eligible because neither he nor Auburn knew of his fathers request for payment. Isnt this great news for every major college in America?! Now the NCAA has said that booster and players parents can make back room money deals and as long as they dont tell the player or the school it is ok! Let the bidding wars begin!

    Posted by Aren Fox | December 2, 2010, 10:11 am
  2. haha one USC is like another right?

    Posted by JosBDeAwesome | December 2, 2010, 1:24 pm
  3. Why was he suspended in the first place?

    Because it was established by the NCAA that his father was soliciting $ from Mississippi State.

    Question:Is Newton and Auburn now not subject to NCAA Rules as they are written? If so, why? This is really confusing because the rule says that a players parent cannot solicite $ from a school without being in violation.

    Posted by Dawggonit | December 4, 2010, 6:34 pm

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