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Poor Officiating Gift Wraps Game For Raptors, Celtics Lose 102-101

The Big Plug does his thing against Toronto's Reggie Evans. (Ron Turenne / Getty Images)

Aside from the 1st quarter, the Celtics looked rather flustered and unable to do much with the ball. Coupled with horrendous officiating (Tommy Heinsohn will be hoarse until the Hawks game Monday with all the yelling he was doing), including a blatantly blown no-call on a foul at the end which directly decided the game’s outcome, the Raptors were able to defeat the Celtics 102-101 in Toronto.

With Rajon Rondo out with hamstring issues (consider him day-to-day), things initially looked okay for the Celtics, when they jumped out to a 13-point lead in the 1st quarter. Toronto cut the lead to 31-23 at the end of the quarter, and kept up the assault from there. With 6:06 left in the 2nd (not even halfway through), Toronto took a 43-42 lead. Toronto led 61-58 at the half behind not only terrible officiating scattered throughout the game, but a massive amount of free throws, and Boston missing free throws when they did get them. Out of every Celtic that attempted free throws, Shaq was the only one who hit all (four) of them. Shaq. And that includes Ray Allen (5/7).

From there, Boston kept trying to claw their way back into the game, but whenever they did, the Raptors and the refs were there to beat them back down. Granted, Boston did start to catch up to Toronto’s free throw total, but they still kept missing too many. Despite taking a 72-71 lead with 4:48 left in the 3rd, Toronto still took an 82-75 lead going into the final frame.

Boston kept fighting back, though, and Ray Allen tied the game at 94 with a three with 4:11 left, and took the lead with another three from the same spot 33 seconds later. Glen Davis made one of two from the line to tack on a point, and Boston got the stop, but Allen was called for travelling, and Toronto put in a bucket to cut the Boston lead to 98-96 with 2:46 left.

After some missed shots (including another missed Boston free throw), Glen Davis hit two big free throws to put Boston up 101-98 with 21.3 seconds left. Ray Allen was called for giving up a steal with 12.9 seconds left after Toronto hit a driving layup, but check the replay. Allen was slapped on the left side FAR away from the ball, but the referees let it go. No wonder Tommy Heinsohn has gray hair if he has to call such biased officiating. Boston even has trouble catching a break at home, but on the road, forget about it. Paul Pierce was called for a shooting foul and missed at the buzzer after Toronto hit both of their free throws with 2.7 seconds left to take the lead for good.

C’s Stud of the Game: Nate Robinson

Rondo’s replacement starter filled in admirably. In his 34:49, Kryptonate led Boston in scoring, and hit the first three of Boston’s five three pointers.

C’s Dud of the Game: Dick Bavetta, Matt Boland, and Brian Forte

Despite the poor play from Boston in the middle of the game, they still stayed in it. I’m not saying that the referees were paid off, but they certainly looked like they were paid off.

That’s What He Said:

“When I think you’re going over the top, I’ll tell you.” – Mike Gorman, on Tommy Heinsohn wondering if he’s getting too heated about the [lack of] officiating.

Game Notes:

  • Scoring Leaders: Andrea Bargnani (TOR 29), Nate Robinson (BOS 22), Paul Pierce (BOS 19)
  • Field Goal Leaders: Andrea Bargnani (TOR 9/20), Nate Robinson (BOS 8/14), Sonny Weems (TOR 8/20)
  • Three Point Leaders: Nate Robinson (BOS 3/5), Ray Allen (BOS 2/5), Andrea Bargnani (TOR 2/6)
  • Free Throw Leaders: Amir Johnson (TOR 9/9), Paul Pierce (BOS 9/13), Andrea Bargnani (TOR 9/13)
  • Rebound Leaders: Reggie Evans (TOR 16), Amir Johnson (TOR 11), Kevin Garnett (BOS 8), Ray Allen (BOS 8.)
  • Assist Leaders: Leandro Barbossa (TOR 5), Paul Pierce (BOS 5), Demar Derozan (TOR 3), Ray Allen (BOS 3)
  • Steal Leaders: Leandro Barbosa (TOR 2), Kevin Garnett (BOS 2), Ray Allen (BOS 2)
  • Block Leaders: Shaquille O’Neal (BOS 2), Paul Pierce (BOS 2), Amir Johnson (TOR 1)
  • Foul Outs: Shaquille O’Neal (BOS, 7:32 remaining in 4th)
  • Technical Fouls: Reggie Evans (TOR, 5:25 remaining in 2nd), Jose Calderon (TOR, 6:38 remaining in 3rd)
  • Turnovers: BOS 13, TOR 11

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15 comments for “Poor Officiating Gift Wraps Game For Raptors, Celtics Lose 102-101”

  1. If it wasn’t for the bad refs we prob would have pulled off a win. Hoping to see rondo playing next game..

    Posted by Alexis Cifric | November 21, 2010, 7:33 pm
  2. […] Sports of Boston Boston kept fighting back, though, and Ray Allen tied the game at 94 with a three with 4:11 left, and took the lead with another three from the same spot 33 seconds later. Glen Davis made one of two from the line to tack on a point, and Boston got the stop, but Allen was called for travelling, and Toronto put in a bucket to cut the Boston lead to 98-96 with 2:46 left. […]

    Posted by Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Nov 22 | Raptors Republic | ESPN TrueHoop's Toronto Raptors Blog | November 22, 2010, 7:13 am
  3. you mean the fall with NAte? the dude had no buizness tryin to go for the ball it was off the raptors to begin with, and nate freakin leaped for the damn thing…. and right not like the raptos got some questionable calls too… nope only way for Rondo- less boston to lose was through refs…. dude, your team suked this game, they are bttr than how they player and stop excusing them for some atrocious defence at the beginning… oh and i checked the replay its hard to rly tell all tat well, but doesnt freakin matter, y the hll are the raptors one point behind with 18 seconds left

    Posted by Blasterfi9 | November 22, 2010, 8:20 am
  4. Incredibly biased.

    Posted by ajD | November 22, 2010, 8:50 am
  5. What a joke, I guess the loss to the Thunder without Durant was all the officials fault as well. If you look at the reply, Allen got the ball poked away from him and wasn’t even close to a foul.

    Posted by Jonny | November 22, 2010, 9:47 am
  6. I read your post and the common factor in all I read was “MISSED”! It was not the officials that cost Boston the game. It was there misses at the free throw line that cost them the game. I understand that everyone thinks that Toronto is not a good team and everyone hates to lose to a team not as good as them but come on man. Give credit when credit is due. Toronto held their heads up and kept fighting and they wanted the win more than Boston did.

    Go Raps Go

    Posted by Stahmenah_Vybz | November 22, 2010, 10:10 am
  7. If everyone would read the post, the officiating is only one factor, including Boston’s poor free throw shooting (28/38, but Toronto was only 30/39 themselves), but a general lack of effort throughout the game. Did anyone read the second paragraph? And I do actually use Ray Allen’s name at the end, not Nate Robinson. It was a combined effort of Boston’s free throw shooting and lack of effort, Toronto playing hard, and poor officiating. (Which by the way was not absolute; the refs made just as many, if not more good calls. It was just the one at the end which directly affected the game’s outcome, which the title refers to).

    And as for the replay, the live CSNNE cameras got a close-up replay on the side of the play which clearly shows Allen getting fouled. It must be easy to be biased when your team benefits from poor calls, which the Celtics do occasionally. Maybe it’s that Toronto media didn’t want to show the foul clearly, so maybe you Toronto fans just aren’t getting a good look. If you had the CSNNE close-up feed with Tommy Heinsohn rigorously pointing it out, you would have seen it too.

    30 seconds in, you’ll hear the announcers talk about the foul that wasn’t.

    Posted by John | November 22, 2010, 11:25 am
  8. Boston fans complaining about blown calls? Now you know how the rest of the league has felt about Boston for the last 4 years.

    Posted by Joe Buddy | November 22, 2010, 11:40 am
  9. Yes, everyone feels bad when their team, regardless of which team it is, is victimized by bad calls. I certainly feel for all of you when the Raptors get a bad call, and some “make-up” calls during the game were certainly the wrong way to deal with it.

    Additionally, bad calls are made in all sports in all parts of the game. If that one call at the end had been called a foul, or if it had been a clean steal, the game’s outcome wouldn’t have been questionably affected, and we wouldn’t be taking pot shots at each other.

    It’s always the exceedingly important calls that affect a game that get the most attention.

    Posted by John | November 22, 2010, 12:43 pm
  10. i completely concur with this article’s sentiment that celtics have lost because of the officiating. however, the angle on this statement is slightly skewed: boston has been on the positive side of nba refereeing bias for years now. this is one of the very few, select teams whose jersey grabbing, foul prone game is touted as ‘defensive excellence’. what this team gets away with is a ******* nonsense. look at the team – objectively, do you think old, fat *******s could spar with faster and more athletic individuals this league is loaded with? i think no. however, whiny coach who spends 90% of the season complaining about the officiating, and some undeserved bias gifted to geriatric boston players obviously gets it done.

    Posted by Lyle | November 22, 2010, 1:02 pm
  11. You sounded like you would leave the language at home for a second. And you are absolutely correct about the Celtics being made of mostly old guys and that Doc Rivers complains too much about the officiating.

    Some calls are completely missed, whether the referees just missed it or have something else on their minds is something that only they know for sure.

    Still, the referees will never change their calls, and especially with the new technical rules, the best thing to do for Doc Rivers, the Celtics, and everyone in the league is to suck it up and keep playing the game. Leave the complaining to Tommy Heinsohn and the rest of us so that we can get it out of our systems, guys.

    Posted by John | November 22, 2010, 1:39 pm
  12. This is a ridiculous article that is biased. Please let us take the loss with some humility. The call where KG tapped the ball out when running the floor was incorrect in Boston’s favor.

    Posted by ryan | November 22, 2010, 4:11 pm
  13. And it would have been taken that way had it not been for that controversial ending. No one’s claiming the Celtics got every bad call against them; it’s just the one at the end that had, by far, the most weight. Again, credit is clearly given for Boston’s loss to the lack of free throw shooting and effort at times too.

    Posted by John | November 26, 2010, 3:13 pm
  14. […] the Raptors and Celtics hit the court, Rajon Rondo did not play with a hamstring injury, and the Celtics lost 102-101, thanks to some shoddy officiating. They were left with a bad taste in their mouth, and as a result […]

    Posted by Shaq, Garnett Star as Celtics Beat Raptors in Rondo’s Return | Sports of Boston | November 27, 2010, 2:32 am
  15. […] and score with less than a minute to go, and eventually win the game in a shootout. What is it with Boston teams losing to Toronto teams in close games that they should instead defeat in crushing […]

    Posted by Late Boston Penalty Turns Zero Toronto Points Into Two | Sports of Boston | December 4, 2010, 10:58 pm

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