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Live Blog: Boston University Basketball Faces Hampton in Consolation Bracket of NIT Season Tip-Off

2nd Half blogging!

6:30pm – We are at half now, in Washington D.C., listening to Coach Chambers’ pre-game keys to success. 1. get rid of the flu  going around BU campus 2. ball control 3. rebounding rebounding rebounding! 4. make open shots

6:32pm – Does BU have a 2nd half run in them? We are listening to the game courtesy of AM1510 radio in Boston, MA

6:33pm – How about them Falcons? 8-2 on the year ! Falcons/Pats Superbowl possibly??

6:36pm – Hampton is being outrebounded 26-18, BU’s big problem = SHOOTING (7-31 from the field)

6:37pm – 2nd half will be underway shortly! Tune in for live udpates!

6:38pm – Funches opens up the 2nd half scoring with a fallway jumper, 32-29 Hampton

6:39pm – Terriers commit a backcourt violation, and take too long to get the ball across the line

6:40pm – Hampton opens up a 5pt advantage, Holland picks up his 3rd foul

6:41pm – The defense is relentless! DJ Irving misses a three, and Hampton all over the boards

6:41pm – Fouls are piling up on BU, DJ Irving picks up his 3rd crucial foul…

6:42pm – Kwame Morgan fires from 30 feet and misses, Morris controls the glass

6:43pm – Matt Griffin with a nice assist to Pat Hazel, lead is three points. Pellum pushes off on the Hampton possession and commits a foul!

6:43pm – Pellum with a loose ball foul! Athletic board by T Robinson!

6:43pm – BU brick laying continues.. Darrion Pellum exits with three fouls and 17pts

6:44pm – T Robinson with a steal but he misses the fastbreak layup! Ball goes out of bounds off Hampton

6:44pm – Matt Griffin misses another three, but Hampton plays hot potato and loses the ball underneath

6:45pm – Partin with a steal and another missed layup! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 8 – 40 from the field! still down 3 points

6:45pm – Turnovers, easy missed shots won’t win games guys! Hampton 34 BU 31 with 15:34 left to play

6:46pm – BU has more missed shots (33) than points (31)! UNBELIEVABLE!

6:47pm – 2-3 zone for BU, Funches penetrates and his wild attempt rolls in! Foul on Matt Griffin

6:48pm – Hampton’s lead grows to 6, can we find offense today? Partin with a nice tip-in on a Griffin miss!

6:49pm – Funches with a nice up and under move, and BU tips the ball out of bounds, BU gets possession on a deflection

6:50pm – Big 3 by Travis Robinson! BU trims the lead to 1 point

6:51pm – Despite a woeful shooting display, BU within 1. A nice steal by Partin but steps are called on BU. Pellum back in the game with 3 fouls

6:52pm – BU looks to run after a missed Hampton shot, Agbelese rejects Partin in the paint

6:52pm – O’Brien rims out a three, Dom Morris swatted again inside! Partin bricks a three, can we score??

6:52pm – Travis Robinson draws another charge! Pellum & Funches with 3 fouls each! LETS GO BU

6:53pm – Pellum too strong on a baseline J, it looks as if we are going to the buzzer with this game! Hampton 37 BU 36 with 11:37 to play!

6:55pm – Chambers calls timeout, Matt Griffin gets trapped with a nice press by Hampton

6:56pm – GW will face Nevada next on this court following the game!

6:57pm – 11:30 left, BU trails by 1. Let’s make some shots guys! Hampton fouls O’Brien inside

6:58pm – Holland saves a tipped inbounds pass, BU maintains the ball on a tie-up

6:59pm – Deep three missed by Partin, Dunning controls the board

7:00pm – Pellum off target, nice snare by Griffin on the rebound, Hazel gets fouled by Dunning inside

7:01pm – Hampton still leads by 1, 9:40 left in the 2nd half. Darrion Pellum gets on the board in the 2nd half with an elbow jumper. Lead is three

7:02pm – Holland can’t buy a basket! BU has 21 offensive rebounds to keep possession

7:03pm – HUGE three by Holland! 1st basket for John since early in the 1st half, score tied at 39

7:03pm – Pellum no good on the three, Hazel controls the glass for BU

7:03pm – John turns the ball over at the top of the key, DJ Irving commits a foul on the fast break, 4 on DJ as he sits

7:04pm – DEEP three by Morgan, but Griffin carries the ball on a silly turnover, cmon guys!!!

7:05pm – Morgan finally hits a three! Almost from the NIT logo! Hampton takes the lead by a triple, 7:29 to go, Hampton 42 BU 39

7:07pm – Funches at the free throw line, Griffin misses another easy fast break lay-in, Hampton on a quick 5-0 run

7:07pm – 6:40 to go and the Terriers are down 3, Dom Morris gets lucky on a easy two point basket

7:08pm – Travis Robinson with a great steal and fast break layup! LETS GO BU

7:09pm – TIMEOUT Hampton, Robinson has been a spark off the bench! 17 turnovers now by the Pirates

7:10pm – Hampton 44 BU 43, as the Pirates are on offense, Morgan’s wild three, BU looking for their first lead of the half

7:11pm – O’Brien is tied up underneath on a putback. Hampton’s Funches hits a fallaway J, and the lead is three now

7:12pm – Griffin’s three is no good, but Dom Morris puts it up and in! 1 pt game, 4:28 to play

7:13pm – Jake O’Brien is called on a flagrant foul with an accidental elbow! 2 shots and the ball pending…

7:13pm – still waiting on the decision…

7:14pm – Officials huddle and we have an intentional foul! WTF bad call guys…

7:15pm – Funches makes 1/2 free throws, Hampton leads 47 – 45 with the ball

7:16pm – Pirates being deliberate, BU takes the Pellum miss and look to tie the score

7:17pm – Holland misses a straightaway three, Pirates on the break

7:17pm – Pellum’s shot is deflected by BU, Terriers have the ball, Griffin controls for BU

7:17pm – BU ball when we come back, first one to 50 wins? 2:45 left to play, Hampton 47 BU 45

7:19pm – BU with the ball, trailing by 2. DJ Irving draws a foul on the Hampton D, nice penetration by DJ

7:20pm – O’Brien off target with the three, but Holland scores to tie the game on the putback!

7:21pm – 1:42 left to play! tied at 47, this game has been a war!! timeout Hampton

7:22pm – Hampton inbounds, BU digging in on D, Agbelese lays it in off the glass, nice dish by Funches

7:22pm – Timeout BU with 1:08 to play

7:23pm – Holland airballs a right corner three, FOUL on BU, one-in-one for Hampton coming up, Pirates lead by 2

7:24pm – 1:01 to play, Funches makes both ft’s. Terriers trail by 4, 51-47

7:25pm – Holland lays in with a power move to the basket! and a foul! free throw coming. 46 seconds to play

7:25pm – Free throw swished by Holland! 51-50, Hampton leads

7:26pm – 35.2 seconds left, Hampton calls timeout! great game down the stretch

7:26pm – shot clock winding down, Hazel with a block! BU with the ball, but Holland has his pocket picked! FOUL on BU! Hampton to the line…

7:27pm – 5.7 seconds to play, ft no good!! 4.9 seconds to play BU with the board and timeout called! Hampton 51 BU 50

7:27pm – Is Tyus Edney in the house? We need a length of the court play to win!

7:28pm – 4.9 secs left, Irving up the court no good!!! Hampton wins! officials are reviewing the play.

7:29pm – GAME is not final yet… was there a foul before the shot?? 0.6secs to play Hampton ball

7:30pm – what are the officials looking at? who knows… a conference on the court. offensive foul of DJ Irving. ball game is over, Hampton wins 51-50.

7:32pm – We will return tomorrow for live blogging against Nevada. BU falls to 2-3 and Hampton improves to 3-1.

1st Half blogging!

5:18pm – Hello all! Welcome to the first live blog for Sports of Boston’s coverage for the 2010-11 BU basketball team! BU (2-2) faces Hampton (2-1) in the 1st ever matchup between these two mid-major powerhouses in the consolation bracket for the NIT season tip off!

5:20pm – The game is scheduled to start at 5:30pm EST and will be played at George Washington’s Smith Gymnasium in Washington, D.C.

5:23pm – BU was selected to finish 1st in the America East for the 3rd straight year and Hampton was selected to finish 3rd in the MEAC

5:24pm – Does anyone remember the 2001 NCAA 1st round #15 Hampton shocking the #2 Iowa St Cyclones led by Jamaal Tinsley? This was the last time a #15 seed upset a #2

5:26pm –  BU is led by the lone senior John Holland, who is average 18.3 ppg over the 1st four games of the season

5:27pm – BU will face the Nevada Wolfpack tomorrow, same time & same place. Also the first ever meeting between both teams

5:29pm – Former Terriers Carlos Strong & Corey Lowe are playing overseas in Puerto Rico and Latvia respectively

5:30pm – Awaiting tip-off and announcement of the starting lineups for tonight’s game!

5:31pm – Matt Griffin was the hero for BU in their victory against Marist. He was perfect from the floor, making all of his fg and ft attempts for a career hi 21pts

5:33pm – I wish BU games were televised, much better to watch games rather than listen to these lame announcers online through radio!

5:34pm – We are underway at the Smith Center, Hazel wins the tip!

5:34pm – Hampton opens defense with a 2-3 zone

5:35pm – Holland draws a foul on a pretty bounce pass from P Hazel, to the line he goes!

5:35pm – A stomach flu has hampered the BU campus and team, BU 2 Hampton 0, Pellum with a long 3pt miss

5:35pm – O’Brien drains a LONG three from the top of the key

5:36pm – Kwame Morgan hits a three to close the lead 5-3 BU

5:36pm – DJ Irving foul on a Hampton fast break

5:36pm – Hampton drives and scores, old fashioned 3point play opportunity, FT no good, game tied at 5

5:37pm – Funches travels! Holland on a fast break misses but Hazel cleans up and is fouled, game still tied

5:37pm – Hazel makes both FT’s OMG! still around 50% of the season

5:38pm – Pellum sinks a jumper and gets fouled! scoreboard having problems….

5:39pm – Griffin in the game, Partin out, Hampton 8 BU 7

5:40pm – Griffin misses a three! 1st miss in a week! wow..

5:41pm – Hampton scores on the fast break, Darion Pellum! Chambers calls time… 10-7 Hampton

5:42pm – BU goes inside to O’Brien and he is hacked, 15:16 left, BU down 3

5:45pm – The last MEAC team BU faced, was Florida A&M, exactly 14yrs ago!

5:45pm – Partin and Hazel battling for the loose ball, lots of easy shots missed for the Terriers

5:46pm – Griffin scores on a floater! Nothing but net

5:47pm – Foul on O’Brien diving for the loose ball on the Hampton end

5:47pm – Funches hits an elbow jumper for a 12-9 lead

5:48pm – Pat Hazel back to the ft line, fouled on a nice cut

5:48pm – Hazel gets 1/2 ft’s, BU down 12-10, 4 team fouls on each side

5:49pm – Hampton reverse layup but Dom Morris answers with a three!

5:50pm – BU out on the fast break! Pat Hazel converts and is fouled! Another chance for an old-fashioned 3pt play! 16-14 BU leads

5:51pm – Hazel with a rejection at the rim! Partin travels as he makes a move into the paint, 11:55 left, BU leads by 2

5:52pm – Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” playing the background! yeahh baby

5:52pm – Finally the scoreboard is fixed…

5:53pm – Loose ball foul on Dom Morris, Hampton at the line, Agbelese misses both ft’s

5:54pm – Holland continues his ice cold streak from the field, but Pellum commits Hampton’s 4th turnover

5:54pm – A missed dunk by Holland, but a quick recovery, a steal & perfect pass to Daryl Partin for a streaking layup, FOUL!

5:55pm – Freshman Travis Robinson checks in, BU leads by 4

5:56pm –  After a loose ball scramble, Pellum gathers possession and hits a j! 18-16 BU, 9:56 left

5:57pm – Up and down we go! missed shots on both sides, but Irving streaks to the basket and draws a foul

5:58pm – SWISH on both ft’s from Irving, 20-16 BU

5:58pm – Funches with a while on handed runner, no GOOD. Irving with a rebound, Holland again misses a three

5:59pm – Pellum scores off the BU miss on a fastbreak, nice assist by Brandon Tunnell

6:00pm – 8:39 left, 20-18 BU leads, O’Brien and Robinson out for the Terriers

6:01pm – Hampton on the break again, offensive foul on the Wesley Dunning drive! Induced by DJ Irving

6:01pm – Holland with a sweet baseline manuver! 4pts for John

6:02pm – Another steal and a fastbreak started by Irving, a dish to Hazel and he is fouled hard! To the line we go Patrick!

6:04pm – Hazel too strong with both his first charity stripe attempts..Hampton pushes the ball up the court, 7:22 left

6:04pm – Darion Pellum hits a fadeaway three over Holland! 12pts for the guard

6:05pm – The shot clock winds down and DJ Irving throws it away, Pellum cools off and misses a three

6:06pm – Off rebound on the missed 3 by Partin, Hazel loses the ball to Funches

6:07pm – Pellum drives on the fastbreak, but he runs over Matt Griffin, offensive foul again!

6:08pm – Griffin drills an 18footer! 24-21 BU leads with 5:22 left

6:08pm – Pellum with a nice ball fake, slashes to the hoop and draws a foul on DJ, free throws coming up

6:09pm – O’Brien with a corner missed three, Hazel with another offensive board and he is fouled on the putback!

6:10pm – Hazel can’t buy a free throw, is SHAQ in the house?

6:11pm – Travis Robinson on the fast break, and he throws it away. Hampton takes advantage on a Brandon Tunnel layup. 25-24 BU still leads

6:11pm – Holland puts up an airball, and he is hearing the jeers from the crowd. 3:46 left, BU 25 Hampton 24

6:12pm – We have a grind it out battle here today, who will step it up for BU today?

6:13pm – Pellum sinks both free throws, Hampton retakes the lead 26-25, 15pts for Pellum already!

6:14pm – Dom Morris is swatted underneath by Koron Reed! wow what a rejection!

6:14pm – Shots aren’t falling for BU, Partin, O’Brien with misses. Tunnell on a run-out with an easy lay-in!

6:14pm – 28-25 Hampton leads, offensive foul on Holland, Terriers are struggling on the offensive side of the ball

6:15pm – Holland comes up limping and heads to the bench, it’s the left ankle

6:15pm – BU tightens up the paint D, and Hampton throws it away

6:16pm – Travis Robinson joins the brick party and misses a three

6:16pm – Hampton is all over the place! A huge rejection underneath, but they can’t hit capitalize.

6:17pm – 1:26 left in the half, Hampton calls timeout after a lane violation is called on BU

6:18pm – Who will BU look to in the 2nd half? 20% fg’s for BU, 46% for Hampton

6:19pm – Partin ends the drought with a nice jumper, 28-27 Hampton ahead

6:20pm – Airball by Hampton on a 3! A kick out, and an offensive foul on Tunnell! Nice play T Robinson!

6:20pm – Pellum with a steal and a breakaway jam! But too much show, he hangs on the rim and draws a technical foul! Matt Griffin shoots ft’s for BU

6:21pm – Griffin hits both shots, and will hold for the last shot… Holland off target with a three, Dom Morris misses all three put backs. We are half, BU trails 30-29, Pellum leads Hampton with 17 and Hazel has 7 for BU

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  1. awesome game! i agree,that shouldn’t have happened.

    Posted by Tommy Tucker | January 27, 2011, 3:25 am
  2. Go Boston !!!!!!!!

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